Little Red Yellow Black Book

40% OFF award-winning publication

9 Jul 2018

The Little Red Yellow Black Book is 40% OFF until August 31st 2018.

An invaluable guide to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture.

Karajarri Senior Cultural Advisor Mervyn Mulardy with sons, being interviewed and filmed by AIATSIS researcher Nell Reidy, near Bidyadanga, WA.

“Respect and honour” will underpin ethical research guidelines review

22 Jun 2018

AIATSIS has announced a review, including an invitation for public feedback, of the Guidelines for Ethical Research in Australian Indigenous Studies.

KALACC MoU signing

Collaboration in the Kimberley

12 Jun 2018

AIATSIS and KALACC formalise their intent to support and learn from each other through a MoU.

Michael Lavarch and Craig Ritchie

2018 National Native Title Conference

6 Jun 2018

This year’s theme, ‘Many Laws: One Land’, acknowledges that at any one place in Australia, different systems of Indigenous and non-Indigenous laws exist and interact.

AIATSIS formalises unprecedented global partnerships

26 May 2018

AIATSIS formalised agreements to partner with Oxford University and King’s College London in the United Kingdom this week.

AIATSIS is refurbishing its Canberra building

25 May 2018

As a result of the construction there will be limits to the services we are able to provide from 25 May until 25 June 2018.

Left to right - AIATSIS CEO Craig Ritchie, Paul Tatz, Professor Colin Tatz, Marcia Ella and Dean Widders standing next to each other at the launch

Black Pearls showcases the strength, resilience and achievement of our Aboriginal and Islander sporting stars

17 May 2018

New publication Black Pearls: The Aboriginal and Islander Sports Hall of Fame was launched by AIATSIS today.

Return of Cultural Heritage Budget Measure

11 May 2018

AIATSIS has been allocated $2 million over two years to undertake initial scoping work for a new Return of Cultural Heritage budget measure to seek the return of culturally significant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander items from overseas....

AIATSIS CEO Craig Ritchie

National Indigenous Languages Convention Keynote Address - Craig Ritchie

2 May 2018

The AIATSIS CEO Craig Ritchie delivered the Keynote address at the inaugural National Indigenous Languages Convention on 22 February 2018.

Dr Luise Hercus

Vale Dr Luise Hercus

24 Apr 2018

Dr Luise Anna Hercus AM FAHA, and longtime member of AIATSIS, passed away in Canberra on Sunday 15 April.