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Notebook 3

Volume #3
Page #50

& Prosperity
wishing you both
Propures Happy &
a long life I beg
to remain
your Humbel &
loyal Servent
A.M. Fernando
Sunday 26-1-30
P.S. I wrote this holding in
my hand against
noise & other winter
inconveneance about
me. (Lodgers).

Volume #3
Page #51

Saturday 26-1-26
Morning damp & dull
but Turned out to be
a fine & warm day.
Roman Rd Stall market
done fair Trade
No opposition the
Jew & Gentiels the
usual shiriking
the Black.
On the Buss conducter
reffered to me coolies
are permited to mix
with white women
& men & that the
coolies of India earn
2 annas a day
& they come here &
do whites out of a living

Volume #3
back of postcard


Volume #3
Page #1

Fine Monday 7-1-30
Bakers Arms Letonstone [Leystonstone]
Stall Market. Popolare St [Poplars Rd, between Walthamstow Central and Leytonestone]
I was much hustled by the
P.C. & Jews dun me out of
a stand I have been for
most part of the day &
the[y] also set 3 English
young men against me
who called me Black Bastard
& many other & also an
Indian, go to you own
country. Crowed much
amused. I did not answer
sevear boycott did not
earn expences.
Blacks (Asiatics) canot

Volume #3
Page #2

8-1-30 Tuesday. Fine
Tower Bridge Rd Stall market [near Tower of London]
Alway's a very White market
Police hunted me and
followed me about after
P.C. Sergent 34.M. Spoke
to P.C. M. 162 & 301 P.C.M.
I stood opposite an empty
Stall. After P.C.162M Pass me
and old woman told me I
was to move from there.
then I stood opposite a
Grocery Store ([Wyoung?]) Near
Green walk Rd the P.C. 162M
pass. The frindley nature
of the People Turned
Sergent 34M Hunted an Indian
& also a negro. But not white.

Volume #3
Page #3

9-1-30 Wednesday
Burdet Rd Stall market
No Sale, much humbug
by, Hostel nature half
Breed Jews.
P.C. Wer amused and kept
a sharp look out & moved
me. Walked about Mile End
in Wentworth St I was
taken for an Arab & called
the Grand mufta, that
I should be killed. by a Jew
who has been at me ever
since the Palastine
Troubel Satrted.
THE P.C. 363. H. is
Speaking of me to the Jews
about me [to?] the Old Baily

Volume #3
Page #4

10-1-30 Thursday Fine
Dull & But Rain Threatning
Watney St Stall Market littel
Trading. The usual jelousey by
the Tray Trader's.
Limping cockney Picture Book
selling. Stood opos by the
front of me. & did all he could
to agrevate me, & would hush
any one likley to buy of me.
He was dowing like wise in
Wentworth St. Two make belive
drunk, London Raggad's hooked on
to me, & Spoke in Indian Language
as I was unabel to answer them
they abused me. And the Limping
Cockney took up & called me a Black
Bastard. The Jew & Jew Barrow
boy's supported him. A Jew called

Volume #3
Page #5

Rat. (a seller of Bannana
from a Barrow) thretened
me, & called me a C---.
They are allways Hostiel to
me. The same Rat has
many times openly
insulted me. Besides passing
insulent Remarks where
ever he see me.
I believe he is put up by
usual Jew's way of dowing
things. & he is suposed a
Boxer. (Better than the Rest).
Limping Cockney repoted me
to P.C. & I also stated my
Versen. PC. replied you
all will be cleared from
here. After a Barrow Jew

Volume #3
Page #6

a Barrow pushing Jew
Paulterer [poultry seller] called me
a buggar, & threatningly
said & that’s English.
P.C 363 Heard & saw of
course, he walked away
As I was passing High
St Aldgate. the Limping
Cockney saw me & he
abused me, with his like
England is a very dangeres
place, (Especily the Half-
Breed's of Jews) to Black
The[y] must not defend themsevles,
as they have no national
Suport. (Retaliate)

Volume #3
Page #7

11-1-30 Friday Fine
Rathbon St Stall Market
Caning [Canning] Town
Very slow trading not
many Jew's or gentiles
Hustelling me.
Children stol things off
my Tray & Ran away
the Crowed Very amused
Indian scarf Seller's
wer Subjected much of the
White Venum. I din't
see him sell any. These
Indian's do not understand the
English or their habits.
At a Pub I was as usual
Subjected As Britis Boast
over the Blackman.

Volume #3
Page #8

12-1-30 Well's St Stall Market
Fine morning. 3 P.M. Rain.
Sevear boycott. Much remark
about my being allien.
I did not take expences
P.C. Watched me from a
hiden, When I saw him
he would move else where
If the P.C. would do this
As the Alliens (Europ) the
would retaliate.
I took shelter after I came out
of the Tram in Aldgate
where a crowd of men &
women wer, I was spoken
to by Irish who been to India
as Soldjer's, I had to leave & [unclear]


AIATSIS acknowledges the traditional owners of country throughout Australia and their continuing connection to land, culture and community.

We pay our respects to elders past and present.

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