Finding aids

These finding aids cover a selection of manuscript and audiovisual material in our collection.

New finding aids are being compiled and added to this list regularly however, not every manuscript or audiovisual item in our collection has its own finding aid.

Type Name Reference
Manuscript finding aid Abbie, Andrew Arthur. Papers, 1905-76 ms65.pdf (760.21 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Aboriginal Affairs Press Clippings Collection ms_4090_aboriginalaffairs_press_cuttings.pdf (527.13 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Bible translation files ms5027_bible_translation_files.pdf (620.35 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC), Victorian and Tasmanian Office, Press cuttings. 1980-1991 ms5069.pdf (122.79 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Aboriginal Embassy, Mugga way ms_4013_aboriginal_embassy_mugga_way.pdf (900.06 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Aboriginal Families of the Moree Region MS4165.htm (12.35 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Aboriginal Housing Panel ms_3254_housing_panel.pdf (1.94 MB)
Manuscript finding aid Aboriginal Land Rights Support Group MS2538.PDF (108.98 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia MS1043_Legal.pdf (283.61 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia MS4020_Aboriginal_Legal.pdf (212.81 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Aboriginal Publications Foundation ms_3781_aboriginal_pubs.pdf (603.66 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Aboriginal Treaty Committee MS1867.htm (42.25 KB)
Audio finding aid ABORIGINAL_LA01_finding_aid_interim.pdf aboriginal_la01_finding_aid_interim.pdf (126.36 KB)
Audio finding aid ABORIGINAL_LA02_finding_aid_interim.pdf aboriginal_la02_finding_aid_interim.pdf (109.88 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Abschol (University of Queensland) MS1178.html (12.11 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Abschol - Papers and reports...1967-1973 MS2305.PDF (90.23 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Abschol - Papers and reports...1968-1972 ms923.pdf (169.93 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Adolf, Kristen (Society of Jesus in Australia) MS1239.PDF (64.31 KB)
Audio finding aid AGNEW_B01_finding_aid_interim.pdf agnew_b01_finding_aid_interim.pdf (118.36 KB)
Audio finding aid AHOY_C01_interim_finding_aid.pdf ahoy_c01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (119.64 KB)
Manuscript finding aid AIAS-AIATSIS Governance records 1961-2013 ms_5128_aiatsis_governance_records_1961-2013.pdf (339.36 KB)
Audio finding aid AIAS_14_interim_finding_aid.pdf aias_14_interim_finding_aid.pdf (172.25 KB)
Audio finding aid AIAS_48_interim_finding_aid.pdf aias_48_interim_finding_aid.pdf (132.2 KB)
Audio finding aid AIAS_89_interim_finding_aid.pdf aias_89_interim_finding_aid.pdf (116.52 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_08_interim_finding_aid aiatsis_08_interim_finding_aid.pdf (122.33 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_100_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_100_interim_finding_aid.pdf (125.31 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_101_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_101_interim_finding_aid.pdf (110.78 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_103_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_103_interim_finding_aid.pdf (119.52 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_104_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_104_interim_finding_aid.pdf (124.15 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_105_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_105_interim_finding_aid.pdf (108.03 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_106_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_106_interim_finding_aid.pdf (161.63 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_107_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_107_interim_finding_aid.pdf (214.53 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_10_finding_aid aiatsis_10_finding_aid2.pdf (480.12 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_38_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_38_finding_aid.pdf (372.53 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_60__interim_finding_aid aiatsis_60_interim_finding_aid.pdf (133.35 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_64__interim_finding_aid aiatsis_64_interim_finding_aid.pdf (124.72 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_67_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_67_interim_finding_aid.pdf (123.72 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_68_interim_finding_aid aiatsis_68_interim_finding_aid.pdf (137.51 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_69_interim_finding_aid aiatsis_69_interim_finding_aid.pdf (121.33 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_70_interim_finding_aid aiatsis_70_interim_finding_aid.pdf (116.54 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_71_interim_finding_aid aiatsis_71_interim_finding_aid.pdf (118.36 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_72_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_72_interim_finding_aid.pdf (113.8 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_73_interim_finding_aid aiatsis_73_interim_finding_aid.pdf (132.77 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_74_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_74_interim_finding_aid.pdf (137.04 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_75_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_75_interim_finding_aid.pdf (120.85 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_76_interim_finding_aid aiatsis_76_interim_finding_aid.pdf (125.11 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_77_interim_ finding_aid aiatsis_77_interim_finding_aid.pdf (89.97 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_78_interim_finding_aid aiatsis_78_interim_finding_aid.pdf (86.04 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_79_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_79_interim_finding_aid.pdf (131.1 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_80_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_80_interim_finding_aid.pdf (125.28 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_81_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_81_interim_finding_aid.pdf (140.07 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_82_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_82_interim_finding_aid.pdf (125.27 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_83_interim_finding_aid aiatsis_83_interim_finding_aid.pdf (117.47 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_84_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_84_interim_finding_aid.pdf (118.99 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_85_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_85_interim_finding_aid.pdf (136.83 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_87_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_87_interim_finding_aid.pdf (123.57 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_88_interim_finding_aid aiatsis_88_interim_finding_aid.pdf (118.19 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_89_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_89_interim_finding_aid.pdf (132.73 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_90_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_90_interim_finding_aid.pdf (121.94 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_92_interim_finding_aid aiatsis_92_interim_finding_aid.pdf (92.34 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_94_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_94_interim_finding_aid.pdf (131.27 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_95_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_95_interim_finding_aid.pdf (177.51 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_96_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_96_interim_finding_aid.pdf (121.73 KB)
Audio finding aid AIATSIS_98_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_98_interim_finding_aid.pdf (155 KB)
Audio finding aid AKLIF_G01_finding_aid.pdf aklif_g01_finding_aid.pdf (169.8 KB)
Audio finding aid AKLIF_G02_finding_aid_interim.pdf aklif_g02_finding_aid_interim.pdf (111.21 KB)
Audio finding aid AKLIF_G03_finding_aid aklif_g03_finding_aid.pdf (126.63 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Albury and District Local Aboriginal Land Council MS3509.htm (4.87 KB)
Audio finding aid ALDER_A01_interim_finding_aid.pdf alder_a01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (130.43 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Alfred 'Alf' George Stafford collection ms_5013_stafford.pdf (209.95 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Allen, Elphine - Aurukun dances MS420.PDF (34.56 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Allen, Elphine - Bird song... MS421.PDF (35.93 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Allen, Elphine - Black crow MS417.PDF (42.14 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Allen, Elphine - Nunggubuyu - Brolga (Gudarrgu) dances MS418.PDF (43.79 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Allen, Elphine - Shadow ...Buffalo... MS419.PDF (41.07 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Allen, Elphine - Shadow...Black Crow MS415.PDF (39.88 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Allen, Elphine - Wanindilyaugwa and Nunggubuyu dances... MS416.PDF (47.93 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Alpher, Barry Jacob - Ogh Unyjan MS1192.PDF (42.85 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Alpher, Barry Jacob - Yir Yoront MS80.PDF (59.31 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Alpher, Barry Jacob - Yir-Thangedl MS1191.PDF (41.02 KB)
Audio finding aid ALPHER_B08_finding_aid.pdf alpher_b08_finding_aid.pdf (175.1 KB)
Audio finding aid ALPHER_B09_finding_aid_interim.pdf alpher_b09_finding_aid_interim.pdf (107.59 KB)
Audio finding aid ALPHER_B10_finding_aid_interim.pdf alpher_b10_finding_aid_interim.pdf (125.46 KB)
Audio finding aid ALPHER_B12_finding_aid_interim.pdf alpher_b12_finding_aid_interim.pdf (123.86 KB)
Audio finding aid ALTMAN_J01_finding_aid.pdf altman_j01_finding_aid.pdf (304.63 KB)
Audio finding aid ALTMAN_J03_interim_finding_aid.pdf altman_j03_interim_finding_aid.pdf (119.47 KB)
Audio finding aid ALTMAN_J04_interim_finding_aid.pdf altman_j04_interim_finding_aid.pdf (119.31 KB)
Audio finding aid ANDERSON_C01_finding_aid.pdf anderson_c01_finding_aid.pdf (189.27 KB)
Audio finding aid ANDERSON_C02_interim_finding_aid.pdf anderson_c02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (152.44 KB)
Audio finding aid ANDERSON_G01_finding_aid.pdf anderson_g01_finding_aid.pdf (403.57 KB)
Audio finding aid ANDERSON_G02_finding_aid.pdf anderson_g02_finding_aid.pdf (211.44 KB)
Audio finding aid ANGELO_D01_finding_aid_interim.pdf angelo_d01_finding_aid_interim.pdf (115.84 KB)
Audio finding aid ANSARA_M02_finding_aid_interim.pdf ansara_m02_finding_aid_interim.pdf (115.3 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Archaeological Relics Advisory Committee (Victoria). Emergency Meeting (8 June 1984) MS1941.PDF (110.96 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Armidale Association for Aborigines ms2636_armidale_association_for_aborigines.pdf (659.76 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Arthur Capell papers ms_4577_capell.pdf (429.38 KB)
Audio finding aid ASH_A01_finding_aid.pdf ash_a01_finding_aid.pdf (191.38 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Atkinson, Wayne MS2405.PDF (50.41 KB)
Audio finding aid ATKINSON_W01_finding_aid.pdf atkinson_w01_finding_aid.pdf (312.84 KB)
Audio finding aid ATKINSON_W02_finding_aid.pdf atkinson_w02_finding_aid.pdf (187.88 KB)
Audio finding aid ATKINSON_W03_finding_aid.pdf atkinson_w03_finding_aid_interim.pdf (112.2 KB)
Audio finding aid ATKINSON_W05_finding_aid_interim.pdf atkinson_w05_finding_aid_interim.pdf (111.98 KB)
Manuscript finding aid ATSIC, Victorian and Tasmanian Office, Press cuttings, 1980-1991 ms5069_atsic_presscuttings.pdf (122.79 KB)
Audio finding aid ATSILRN_02_interim_finding_aid.pdf atsilrn_02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (124.45 KB)
Audio finding aid AURA_01_finding_aid.pdf aura_01_finding_aid.pdf (191.64 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Aurukun Mission ms1525.pdf (295.25 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Aurukun Mission School ms1620.pdf (194.46 KB)
Audio finding aid AUSIL_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf ausil_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (119.43 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Austin, Peter Kenneth - Diyari and Dhirari... MS1199.PDF (59.87 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Austin, Peter Kenneth - Fieldnotes... MS2309.PDF (118.24 KB)
Audio finding aid AUSTIN_P07_finding_aid.pdf austin_p07_finding_aid.pdf (163.8 KB)
Audio finding aid AUSTIN_P10_finding_aid.pdf austin_p10_finding_aid.pdf (173.36 KB)
Audio finding aid AUSTIN_P11_interim_finding_aid.pdf austin_p11_interim_finding_aid.pdf (104.74 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australia Post. Historical Section MS1188.PDF (94.18 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australia. Aboriginal Land Commissioner. Borroloola land claim; transcript sf_26-7_1.pdf (1.25 MB)
Manuscript finding aid Australia. Dept. of Aboriginal Affairs. Draft Policy Statements MS2409.PDF (53.78 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australia. Dept. of Aboriginal Affairs. Land rights MS2352.PDF (49.79 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australia. Interim Aboriginal Land Commission (N.T.) - Adelaide River MS414.PDF (64.93 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australia. Interim Aboriginal Land Commission (N.T.) - Claim.. by Raknurara Bootong Association MS410.PDF (53.9 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australia. Interim Aboriginal Land Commission (N.T.) - Emery Pt. (Goondal) MS413.PDF (50.36 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australia. Interim Aboriginal Land Commission (N.T.) - Kalaluk MS412.PDF (59.41 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australia. Interim Aboriginal Land Commission (N.T.) - Knuckey's Lagoon MS407.PDF (62.01 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australia. Interim Aboriginal Land Commission (N.T.) - Victoria River Downs MS408.PDF (59.88 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australia. Law Reform Commission MS3247.PDF (906.64 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australia. Parliament. House of Representatives. Select Committee on Voting Rights of Aborigines. Submissions and evidence. ms4666_voting_rights.html (121.77 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australia. Parliament. House of Representatives. Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs. Aboriginal access to legal aid, 1979 s_33-1_3_access.pdf (320.27 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australia. Parliament. House of Representatives. Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs. Aboriginal health and related matters, WA, 1975 s_33-1_3_health_related.pdf (138.27 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australia. Parliament. House of Representatives. Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs. Aboriginal unemployment, 1975 s_33-1_3_unemployment.pdf (122.72 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australia. Parliament. House of Representatives. Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs. Alcohol problems of Aborigines, 1976-77 s_33-1_3_alcohol.pdf (363.79 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australia. Parliament. House of Representatives. Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs. Health problems of Aboriginals, 1977 s_33-1_3_health_problems.pdf (438.56 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australia. Parliament. House of Representatives. Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs. Present conditions of Yirrkala people, 1974 s_33-1_3_conditions.pdf (111.57 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australia. Parliament. House of Representatives. Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs. Preservation of sacred sites, 1974 s_33-1_3_sacred.pdf (57.6 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australia. Parliament. House of Representatives. Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs. Transcript of evidence, 1973-74 s_33-1_3_transcript.pdf (157 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australia. Parliament. Senate. Questions - Aboriginal affairs - expenditure at Amoonguna, NT, 1977 s_33-1_2.pdf (50.82 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australia. Prime Minister's Dept. MS2353.PDF (124.38 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australian Bureau of Statistics. Western Australian Aboriginal births : midwives notification tabulations MS1112.PDF (35.43 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australian Bureau of Statistics. Western Australian hospital morbidity tabulations MS1113.PDF (35.42 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies - Land Rights Symposium MS3104.PDF (173.43 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies. Ethnographic Film Conference MS1136.PDF (80.41 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Australian Linguistics Society MS3033.pdf (58.29 KB)
Manuscript finding aid BA943-32_F1_landrights.pdf ba943-32_f1_landrights.pdf (197.38 KB)
Manuscript finding aid BA943-51_U1.pdf ba943-51_u1.pdf (769.69 KB)
Audio finding aid BABIDGE_S01_interim_finding_aid.pdf babidge_s01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (129.46 KB)
Audio finding aid BAKER_B03_finding_aid.pdf baker_b03_finding_aid.pdf (206.49 KB)
Audio finding aid BAKER_B04_interim_finding_aid.pdf baker_b04_interim_finding_aid.pdf (128.07 KB)
Audio finding aid BAKER_R01_finding_aid.pdf baker_r01_finding_aid.pdf (221.95 KB)
Audio finding aid BAMBIE_H01_finding_aid.pdf bambie_h01_finding_aid.pdf (146.92 KB)
Audio finding aid BAMBRICK_H01-finding-aid.pdf bambrick-h01-finding-aid.pdf (170.68 KB)
Audio finding aid BANI_E01_finding_aid.pdf bani_e01_finding_aid.pdf (142.97 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Bannister, Dennis Daniel MS2171.htm (16.14 KB)
Audio finding aid BARDON_G01_interim_finding_aid.pdf bardon_g01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (121.08 KB)
Audio finding aid BARKER_J01_Interim-Finding-Aid_AudioCM barker_j01_interim-finding-aid_audiocm.pdf (123.41 KB)
Audio finding aid BARKER_J01_Interim-Finding-Aid_AudioCM barker_j01_interim-finding-aid_audiocm.pdf (123.41 KB)
Audio finding aid BARKER_J01_Interim-Finding-Aid_AudioCM barker_j01_interim-finding-aid_audiocm.pdf (123.41 KB)
Audio finding aid BARKER_J01_Interim-Finding-Aid_AudioCM barker_j01_interim-finding-aid_audiocm.pdf (123.41 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Barratt, Glynn R MS1285.PDF (816.62 KB)
Audio finding aid BARRETT_J01_finding_aid.pdf barrett_j01_finding_aid.pdf (192.72 KB)
Audio finding aid BARRETT_M01_finding_aid.pdf barrett_m01_finding_aid.pdf (400.21 KB)
Audio finding aid BATES_B01_interim_finding_aid.pdf bates_b01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (173.34 KB)
Audio finding aid BATHGATE_J02_interim_finding_aid.pdf bathgate_j02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (123.93 KB)
Audio finding aid BAXTER_T01_finding_aid.pdf baxter_t01_finding_aid.pdf (239.14 KB)
Audio finding aid BECKETT-RICE_01_finding_aid_interim.pdf beckett-rice_01_finding_aid_interim.pdf (109.04 KB)
Audio finding aid BECKETT_J04_finding_aid.pdf beckett_j04_finding_aid.pdf (221.96 KB)
Audio finding aid BEHRENDT_P01_interim_finding_aid.pdf behrendt_p01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (171.05 KB)
Audio finding aid BELCHER_D01_interim_finding_aid.pdf belcher_d01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (120.02 KB)
Audio finding aid BELFRAGE_H01_finding_aid.pdf belfrage_h01_finding_aid.pdf (199.35 KB)
Audio finding aid belfrage_h02_finding_aid belfrage_h02_finding_aid.pdf (398.85 KB)
Audio finding aid BELL_J01_finding_aid.pdf bell_j01_finding_aid.pdf (224.77 KB)
Audio finding aid BERN_J01_finding_aid.pdf bern_j01_finding_aid.pdf (131.51 KB)
Audio finding aid BIDDLE_J02_finding_aid.pdf biddle_j02_finding_aid.pdf (204.43 KB)
Audio finding aid BIERNOFF_D01_finding_aid.pdf biernoff_d01_finding_aid.pdf (245.54 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Black, Paul - Kowanyama research MS1297.PDF (65.57 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Black, Paul - Lexical change MS1519.PDF (49.87 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Black, Paul David - Normanton research field books MS465.PDF (174.86 KB)
Audio finding aid BLACK_P01_finding_aid.pdf black_p01_finding_aid.pdf (379.09 KB)
Audio finding aid BLACK_P03_finding_aid.pdf black_p03_finding_aid.pdf (307.2 KB)
Audio finding aid BLACK_P06_finding_aid.pdf black_p06_finding_aid.pdf (307.29 KB)
Audio finding aid BLAKE_B03_finding_aid.pdf blake_b03_finding_aid.pdf (185.52 KB)
Audio finding aid BLEVINS-MARMION_01_finding_aid.pdf blevins-marmion_01_finding_aid.pdf (367.35 KB)
Audio finding aid BLYTHE-J06-interim-finding-aid.pdf blythe-j06-interim-finding-aid.pdf (166.76 KB)
Audio finding aid BLYTHE_J04_interim_finding_aid.pdf blythe_j04_interim_finding_aid.pdf (122.87 KB)
Audio finding aid BLYTHE_J05_interim_finding_aid.pdf blythe_j05_interim_finding_aid.pdf (179.81 KB)
Audio finding aid BLYTHE_J07_interim_finding_aid.pdf blythe_j07_interim_finding_aid.pdf (146.19 KB)
Audio finding aid BLYTHE_J08_interim_finding_aid.pdf blythe_j08_interim_finding_aid.pdf (144.11 KB)
Audio finding aid BNA_01_finding_aid.pdf bna_01_finding_aid.pdf (176.28 KB)
Audio finding aid BNA_03_finding_aid.pdf bna_03_finding_aid.pdf (249.73 KB)
Audio finding aid BNA_04_finding_aid.pdf bna_04_finding_aid.pdf (138.28 KB)
Audio finding aid BOFFIN_J01_interim_finding_aid.pdf boffin_j01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (127.25 KB)
Audio finding aid BOLGER_A01_interim_finding_aid.pdf bolger_a01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (125.74 KB)
Audio finding aid BOLTON_M01_interim_finding_aid.pdf bolton_m01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (124.46 KB)
Audio finding aid BOLT_J01_finding_aid.pdf bolt_j01_finding_aid.pdf (157.13 KB)
Audio finding aid BOSTOCK_G01_finding_aid.pdf bostock_g01_finding_aid.pdf (160.96 KB)
Audio finding aid BOWERN_C01_finding_aid bowern_c01_finding_aid.pdf (181.49 KB)
Audio finding aid BOWERN_C04_interim_finding_aid.pdf bowern_c04_interim_finding_aid.pdf (127.55 KB)
Audio finding aid BOWERN_C05_interim_finding _aid.pdf bowern_c05_interim_finding_aid.pdf (284.52 KB)
Audio finding aid BRADY_QV02_finding_aid brady_qv02_finding_aid.pdf (231.62 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Brandl, Eric J. Papers ms_1348.pdf (644.45 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Brasch, Sarah Louise MS3110.PDF (60.42 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Breen, John Gavan - Andegerebinha MS406.PDF (54.2 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Breen, John Gavan - Bularnu MS1284.PDF (54.42 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Breen, John Gavan - Garawa and Waanyi MS1138.PDF (755.78 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Breen, John Gavan - Garlali MS1206.PDF (718.07 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Breen, John Gavan - Jalarannga MS114.PDF (43.03 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Breen, John Gavan - Kalkatungu and Maidhagudi MS967.PDF (46.54 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Breen, John Gavan - Kuk-Nar MS828.PDF (48.08 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Breen, John Gavan - Kungkari and Birria MS954.PDF (44.9 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Breen, John Gavan - Kuthant and Kukatj MS932.PDF (101.37 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Breen, John Gavan - Margany and Gunya MS113.PDF (52.36 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Breen, John Gavan - Mari subgroup MS112.pdf (40.84 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Breen, John Gavan - Mbara and Yanga MS1247.PDF (42.97 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Breen, John Gavan - Mithaka MS121.PDF (42.75 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Breen, John Gavan - Ngawun MS2.PDF (32.96 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Breen, John Gavan - Pitta Pitta MS1084.PDF (55.28 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Breen, John Gavan - Reports to A.I.A.S. on field trips MS159.pdf (54.4 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Breen, John Gavan - Wagaya MS122.pdf (36.05 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Breen, John Gavan - Wangkumara and Bundhumara [Punthamara] MS119.PDF (78.64 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Breen, John Gavan - Warluwara MS115.PDF (59.46 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Breen, John Gavan - Yandruwandha MS120.PDF (70.77 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Breen, John Gavan - Yawarawarka MS118.PDF (434.2 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Breen, John Gavan- Ngamini MS117.PDF (124.8 KB)
Audio finding aid BREEN_G01_finding_aid.pdf breen_g01_finding_aid.pdf (373.37 KB)
Audio finding aid BREEN_G04_finding_aid.pdf breen_g04_finding_aid.pdf (560.76 KB)
Audio finding aid BREEN_G05_finding_aid.pdf breen_g05_finding_aid.pdf (314.6 KB)
Audio finding aid BREEN_G06_finding_aid.pdf breen_g06_finding_aid.pdf (175.21 KB)
Audio finding aid BREEN_G07_finding_aid.pdf breen_g07_finding_aid.pdf (173.94 KB)
Audio finding aid BREEN_G08_finding_aid.pdf breen_g08_finding_aid.pdf (184.45 KB)
Audio finding aid BREEN_G09_finding_aid.pdf breen_g09_finding_aid.pdf (173.5 KB)
Audio finding aid BREEN_G10_finding_aid.pdf breen_g10_finding_aid.pdf (176.04 KB)
Audio finding aid BREEN_G11_finding_aid.pdf breen_g11_finding_aid.pdf (256.74 KB)
Audio finding aid BREEN_G12_finding_aid.pdf breen_g12_finding_aid.pdf (252.11 KB)
Audio finding aid BREEN_G13_finding_aid.pdf breen_g13_finding_aid.pdf (250.54 KB)
Audio finding aid BREEN_G20_finding_aid.pdf breen_g20_finding_aid.pdf (349.56 KB)
Audio finding aid BREEN_G22_finding_aid.pdf breen_g22_finding_aid.pdf (158.51 KB)
Audio finding aid BREEN_G24_finding_aid.pdf breen_g24_finding_aid.pdf (266 KB)
Audio finding aid BREEN_G25_finding_aid.pdf breen_g25_finding_aid.pdf (156.64 KB)
Audio finding aid BREHAUT_L01_interim_finding_aid.pdf brehaut_l01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (124.39 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Brennan, Francis Gerard MS3780.htm (18.92 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Brennan, Frank MS4082.htm (34.3 KB)
Audio finding aid BREWARRINA_01_finding_aid.pdf brewarrina_01_finding_aid.pdf (164.6 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Bruce Wright field notebooks ms_4667_wright.pdf (103.53 KB)
Audio finding aid BRUNTON_M04_finding_aid.pdf brunton_m04_finding_aid.pdf (332.81 KB)
Audio finding aid BRYSON_I01_finding_aid bryson_i01_finding_aid.pdf (227.31 KB)
Audio finding aid BRYSON_I01_finding_aid bryson_i01_finding_aid.pdf (219.18 KB)
Audio finding aid BRYSON_I01_finding_aid bryson_i01_finding_aid.pdf (227.16 KB)
Manuscript finding aid BS729-34_m1.pdf bs729-34_m1.pdf (95.59 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Bulkeley, R. H. MS2537.PDF (47.23 KB)
Audio finding aid BURBANK_V01_finding_aid burbank_v01_finding_aid.pdf (219.66 KB)
Audio finding aid BURNS_M02_interim_finding_aid.pdf burns_m02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (141.06 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Busby, Peter MS2418.PDF (38.2 KB)
Audio finding aid BUSH_C02_finding-aid bush_c02_finding-aid.pdf (279.53 KB)
Manuscript finding aid C.D. Rowley, Personal and professional papers and records of Aboriginal household surveys ms3775_rowley.pdf (1.36 MB)
Manuscript finding aid C.D. Rowley, Study of Aborigines in Australian Society, Social Science research Council of Australia: research material and indexes, 1964-1968 ms5014_rowley_aboriginesproject.pdf (1.57 MB)
Audio finding aid CAAMA_01_interim_finding_aid caama_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (220.4 KB)
Audio finding aid CAAMA_13_finding_aid.pdf caama_13_finding_aid.pdf (336.37 KB)
Audio finding aid CAAMA_19_interim_finding_aid.pdf caama_19_interim_finding_aid.pdf (145.06 KB)
Audio finding aid CAAMA_20_interim_finding_aid.pdf caama_20_interim_finding_aid.pdf (138.72 KB)
Audio finding aid CAAMA_21_interim_finding_aid.pdf caama_21_interim_finding_aid.pdf (127.02 KB)
Audio finding aid CAAMA_22_interim_finding_aid.pdf caama_22_interim_finding_aid.pdf (131.14 KB)
Audio finding aid CAAMA_23_interim_finding_aid.pdf caama_23_interim_finding_aid.pdf (136.73 KB)
Audio finding aid CAAMA_24_interim_finding_aid.pdf caama_24_interim_finding_aid.pdf (138.25 KB)
Audio finding aid CAAMA_25_interim_finding_aid.pdf caama_25_interim_finding_aid.pdf (140.84 KB)
Audio finding aid CAAMA_26_interim_finding_aid.pdf caama_26_interim_finding_aid.pdf (134.09 KB)
Audio finding aid CAAMA_28_interim-finding-aid_AudioCM caama_28_interim-finding-aid_audiocm.pdf (122.95 KB)
Audio finding aid CAAMA_29_interim-finding-aid_AudioCM caama_29_interim-finding-aid_audiocm.pdf (124.44 KB)
Audio finding aid CAAMA_29_interim-finding-aid_AudioCM caama_29_interim-finding-aid_audiocm.pdf (124.44 KB)
Audio finding aid CAAMA_30_interim-finding-aid_AudioCMU caama_30_interim-finding-aid_audiocmu.pdf (133.38 KB)
Audio finding aid CAAMA_interim_finding-aid caama_27_interim_finding-aid.pdf (164.82 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Calley, Malcolm John Chambers ms2900.pdf (43.42 KB)
Audio finding aid CAMPBELL_G01_interim_finding_aid.pdf campbell_g01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (120.78 KB)
Audio finding aid CAPELL_A01_finding_aid.pdf capell_a01_finding_aid.pdf (402.81 KB)
Audio finding aid CARROLL_P03_finding_aid.pdf carroll_p03_finding_aid.pdf (133.53 KB)
Audio finding aid CARROLL_P04_finding_aid carroll_p04_finding_aid.pdf (184.97 KB)
Audio finding aid CAR_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf car_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (139.93 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Casey, Dermot A. MS1326.PDF (828.41 KB)
Audio finding aid CATALDI_L01_finding-aid cataldi_l01_finding_aid.pdf (233.17 KB)
Audio finding aid CATALDI_L09_finding_aid cataldi_l09_finding_aid.pdf (230.73 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Cathy Freeman and the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games ms_4116_freeman.pdf (93.55 KB)
Audio finding aid CAVANAGH_C01_interim_finding_aid.pdf cavanagh_c01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (124.47 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Central Land Council MS2259.PDF (159.28 KB)
Audio finding aid CHADWICK_N02_finding_aid.pdf chadwick_n02_finding_aid.pdf (165.26 KB)
Audio finding aid CHADWICK_N03_finding_aid.pdf chadwick_n03_finding_aid.pdf (199.86 KB)
Audio finding aid CHADWICK_N05_finding_aid chadwick_n05-finding-aid.pdf (156.13 KB)
Audio finding aid CHADWICK_N06_finding_aid chadwick_n06_finding-aid.pdf (211.83 KB)
Audio finding aid CHASE-RIGSBY_01_finding_aid.pdf chase-rigsby_01_finding_aid.pdf (339.63 KB)
Audio finding aid CHERBOURG_01_finding_aid.pdf cherbourg_01_finding_aid.pdf (195.55 KB)
Audio finding aid CHESNEY_E01_finding_aid.pdf chesney_e01_finding_aid.pdf (197.24 KB)
Audio finding aid CHESSON_M01_finding_aid chesson_m01_finding_aid.pdf (228.06 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Church Missionary Society MS2344.PDF (138.72 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Clair Andersen papers ms5041_clairandersenpapers.pdf (510.18 KB)
Audio finding aid CLEVERLY_J01_finding_aid.pdf cleverly_j01_finding_aid.pdf (185.53 KB)
Audio finding aid CMS_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf cms_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (121.78 KB)
Audio finding aid COATE_H01_finding_aid.pdf coate_h01_finding_aid.pdf (136.27 KB)
Audio finding aid COATE_H02_finding_aid.pdf coate_h02_finding_aid.pdf (486.73 KB)
Audio finding aid COATE_H03_finding_aid.pdf coate_h03_finding_aid_interim.pdf (124.5 KB)
Audio finding aid COLEMAN_C02_finding_aid.pdf coleman_c02_finding-aid.pdf (228.1 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Commonwealth Department of Aboriginal Affairs, (DAA) Press cuttings ms5061_daa_presscuttings.pdf (175.63 KB)
Audio finding aid COOLING_G01_finding_aid.pdf cooling_g01_finding_aid.pdf (139.07 KB)
Audio finding aid COOLING_G02_finding_aid.pdf cooling_g02_finding_aid.pdf (130.7 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Coombs, Herbert Cole MS1897.PDF (191.14 KB)
Audio finding aid COOTAMUNDRA_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf cootamundra_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (119.41 KB)
Audio finding aid CORN_A01_finding_aid.pdf corn_a01_finding_aid.pdf (179.92 KB)
Audio finding aid CORN_A02_finding_aid_interim.pdf corn_a02_finding_aid_interim.pdf (127.38 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Coutts, P.J.F. MS3517.htm (58.91 KB)
Audio finding aid COWLISHAW_G03_finding_aid.pdf cowlishaw_g03_finding_aid.pdf (205.88 KB)
Audio finding aid CRACKNELL_A01_interim_finding_aid.pdf cracknell_a01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (118.07 KB)
Audio finding aid CRACKNELL_A02_interim_finding_aid.pdf cracknell_a02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (121.75 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Craig, Daniel MS2445.PDF (150.36 KB)
Audio finding aid CREAMER_H02_finding_aid.pdf creamer_h02_finding_aid.pdf (445.43 KB)
Audio finding aid CRIBB_R02_interim_finding_aid.pdf cribb_r02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (142.27 KB)
Audio finding aid CROCOMBE_M04_interim_finding_aid.pdf crocombe_m04_interim_finding_aid.pdf (123.32 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Crowley, Terry - Bandjalang MS3102.PDF (189.64 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Crowley, Terry - Cape York ms_1002.pdf (188.78 KB)
Audio finding aid CROWLEY_T06_finding_aid crowley_t06_finding_aid.pdf (204.86 KB)
Audio finding aid CURKPATRICK_S01_interim_finding_aid.pdf curkpatrick_s01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (174.92 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Curthoys, Ann MS4186_Curthoys.pdf (416.75 KB)
Audio finding aid CURTHOYS_A01_interim_finding_aid.pdf curthoys_a01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (131.7 KB)
Audio finding aid CUTFIELD_S01_interim_finding_aid.pdf cutfield_s01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (122.93 KB)
Audio finding aid CUTFIELD_S02_interim_finding_aid.pdf cutfield_s02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (231.05 KB)
Audio finding aid DAVENPORT_S02_interim_finding_aid.pdf davenport_s02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (128.72 KB)
Audio finding aid DAVIDSON_J01_finding_aid.pdf davidson_j01_finding_aid.pdf (125.14 KB)
Audio finding aid DAVIS_G01_finding_aid_interim.pdf davis_g01_finding_aid_interim.pdf (130.22 KB)
Audio finding aid DE-GRAAF_M02_finding_aid.pdf de-graaf_m02_finding_aid.pdf (129.29 KB)
Audio finding aid DE-VEER_L01_finding_aid.pdf de-veer_l01_finding_aid2.pdf (128.24 KB)
Audio finding aid DEGER_J01_finding_aid deger_j01_finding_aid.pdf (202.07 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Dench, Alan Charles - Field notebooks MS2906.PDF (52.42 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Dench, Alan Charles - Field notes MS1528.PDF (51.81 KB)
Audio finding aid DEVITT_J01_interim_finding_aid.pdf devitt_j01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (121.39 KB)
Audio finding aid DEVITT_J02_Interim-Finding-Aid_AudioCM devitt_j02_interim-finding-aid_audiocm.pdf (118.62 KB)
Audio finding aid DEVITT_J02_Interim-Finding-Aid_AudioCM devitt_j02_interim-finding-aid_audiocm.pdf (118.62 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Dexter, Barrie MS4167.htm (126.07 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Dillon, Michael MS4346_Dillon.pdf (340.86 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_02_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (122.3 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_03_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_03_interim_finding_aid.pdf (125.11 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_04_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_04_interim_finding_aid.pdf (124.61 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_05_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_05_interim_finding_aid.pdf (123.8 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_06_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_06_interim_finding_aid.pdf (144.91 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_07_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_07_interim_finding_aid.pdf (130.99 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_08_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_08_interim_finding_aid.pdf (124.09 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_09_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_09_interim_finding_aid.pdf (132.6 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_10_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_10_interim_finding_aid.pdf (138.38 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_11_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_11_interim_finding_aid.pdf (120.45 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_12_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_12_interim_finding_aid.pdf (122.27 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_13_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_13_interim_finding_aid.pdf (130.3 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_14_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_14_interim_finding_aid.pdf (126.89 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_15_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_15_interim_finding_aid.pdf (127.84 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_16_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_16_interim_finding_aid.pdf (123.91 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_17_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_17_interim_finding_aid.pdf (169.5 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_18_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_18_interim_finding_aid.pdf (128.96 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_19_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_19_interim_finding_aid.pdf (123.58 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_20_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_20_interim_finding_aid.pdf (147.05 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_21_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_21_interim_finding_aid.pdf (143.13 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_22_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_22_interim_finding_aid.pdf (148.26 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_23_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_23_interim_finding_aid.pdf (124.75 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_24_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_24_interim_finding_aid.pdf (146.79 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_25_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_25_interim_finding_aid.pdf (121.17 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_26_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_26_interim_finding_aid.pdf (106.32 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_27_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_27_interim_finding_aid.pdf (122.56 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_27_interim_finding_aid.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_27_interim_finding_aid.pdf (122.56 KB)
Audio finding aid DIWURRUWURRU-JARU_28_finding_aid_interim.pdf diwurruwurru-jaru_28_finding_aid_interim.pdf (113.14 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Dixon, Thomas Sidney ms3764.pdf (91.91 KB)
Audio finding aid DIXON_R01_finding_aid.pdf dixon_r01_finding_aid.pdf (179.71 KB)
Audio finding aid DIXON_R02_finding_aid.pdf dixon_r02_finding_aid.pdf (171.12 KB)
Audio finding aid DIXON_R04_finding_aid.pdf dixon_r04_finding_aid.pdf (383 KB)
Audio finding aid DIXON_R06_finding_aid.pdf dixon_r06_finding_aid.pdf (203.44 KB)
Audio finding aid DIXON_R09_finding_aid.pdf dixon_r09_finding_aid.pdf (171.16 KB)
Audio finding aid DIXON_R10_finding_aid.pdf dixon_r10_finding_aid.pdf (144.72 KB)
Audio finding aid DIXON_R11_finding_aid.pdf dixon_r11_finding_aid.pdf (147.41 KB)
Audio finding aid DIXON_R16_finding_aid.pdf dixon_r16_finding_aid.pdf (147.98 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Donald Laycock, Dictionary of Lamalamic languages ms_269_laycock.pdf (66 KB)
Audio finding aid DONALDSON_T03_finding_aid.pdf donaldson_t03_finding_aid.pdf (384.42 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Douglas and Doreen Belcher papers ms_4706_belcher.pdf (208.7 KB)
Audio finding aid DOUGLAS_W01_finding_aid.pdf douglas_w01_finding_aid.pdf (141.95 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Dow, Coral MS4054.htm (6.53 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Downing, James Hay pMS3056.htm (5.6 KB)
Audio finding aid DOWNING_J01_finding_aid.pdf downing_j01_finding_aid.pdf (127.65 KB)
Audio finding aid DOWNING_J06_interim-finding-aid downing_j06_interim-finding-aid.pdf (114.3 KB)
Audio finding aid DUNCAN_D01_interim_finding_aid.pdf duncan_d01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (133.72 KB)
Audio finding aid DUTTON_T02_finding_aid.pdf dutton_t02_finding_aid.pdf (207.98 KB)
Manuscript finding aid EADES-WILLIAMS_01_finding_aid.pdf EADES-WILLIAMS_01_finding_aid.pdf (124.06 KB)
Audio finding aid EADES-WILLIAMS_01_finding_aid.pdf eades-williams_01_finding_aid.pdf (162.77 KB)
Manuscript finding aid EADES-WILLIAMS_02_finding_aid.pdf EADES-WILLIAMS_02_finding_aid.pdf (168.3 KB)
Audio finding aid EADES-WILLIAMS_02_finding_aid.pdf eades-williams_02_finding_aid.pdf (201.07 KB)
Audio finding aid EADES_D02_finding_aid.pdf eades_d02_finding_aid.pdf (168.06 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Edmund B (Bernie) Joyce. Geology and archaeology of the Keilor Terraces and the Maribyrnong River Valley. ms_5144_bernie_joyce_keilor_and_maribyrnong.pdf (273.15 KB)
Audio finding aid EDOLS_M01_Finding-Aid edols_m01_finding-aid.pdf (139.09 KB)
Audio finding aid EDOLS_M02_Finding-Aid edols_m02_finding-aid.pdf (139.49 KB)
Audio finding aid EDOLS_M03_Finding-Aid edols_m03_finding-aid.pdf (174.49 KB)
Audio finding aid EDOLS_M04_Finding_Aid edols_m04_finding-aid.pdf (141.46 KB)
Audio finding aid EDOLS_M05_Finding-Aid edols_m05_finding-aid.pdf (150.72 KB)
Audio finding aid EDO_01 finding aid edo_01_finding_aid.pdf (382.02 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Edward George Wensing, Australian Local Government Association papers, documents and publications on Indigenous issues. ms5008.pdf (892.82 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Egloff, Brian J MS1913.htm (12.44 KB)
Audio finding aid EGLOFF_B01_finding_aid.pdf egloff_b01_finding_aid.pdf (276.73 KB)
Audio finding aid egloff_b02 egloff_b02_finding_aid.pdf (147.62 KB)
Audio finding aid ELIZABETHAN_01_finding_aid.pdf elizabethan_01_finding_aid.pdf (151.21 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Elkin, Adolphus P MF162.pdf (51.83 KB)
Audio finding aid ELLIS_C02_finding_aid.pdf ellis_c02_finding_aid.pdf (403.74 KB)
Audio finding aid ELLIS_C04_finding_aid.pdf ellis_c04_finding_aid.pdf (204.1 KB)
Audio finding aid ELLIS_CA01_finding_aid.pdf ellis_ca01_finding_aid.pdf (135.77 KB)
Audio finding aid ELLIS_CA06_finding_aid.pdf ellis_ca06_finding_aid.pdf (336.77 KB)
Audio finding aid ELLIS_P01_finding-aid ellis_p01_finding-aid.pdf (462.02 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Evangelical Lutheran Immanuel Synod in Australia MS3761.htm (34.56 KB)
Audio finding aid EVANS_N02_finding_aid.pdf evans_n02_finding_aid.pdf (196.11 KB)
Audio finding aid EVANS_N03_interim_finding_aid.pdf evans_n03_interim_finding_aid.pdf (233.8 KB)
Audio finding aid FACSIA_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf facsia_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (116.17 KB)
Audio finding aid FACSIA_02_interim_finding_aid.pdf facsia_02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (119.78 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders (FCAATSI) ms3759_fcaatsi.pdf (603.09 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Ferguson, William (Bill) ms4112_horner.pdf (35.98 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Finke River Mission MS2306.htm (11.63 KB)
Audio finding aid FLAKELAR_D01_finding_aid.pdf flakelar_d01_finding_aid.pdf (159.74 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Flynn, William. Murrin Bada [Murrinpatha] language books ms_5074_flynn.pdf (64.55 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Francis Bray. Aboriginal education 1970-1984 ms_5057_bray.pdf (87.19 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Freeman, Derek MS4065.htm (7.8 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Galiwinku Mala Leader's Conference MS2341.PDF (696.33 KB)
Audio finding aid GARDE_M02_finding aid garde_m02_finding_aid.pdf (310.96 KB)
Audio finding aid GARDE_M03_finding_aid.pdf garde_m03_finding_aid.pdf (114.54 KB)
Audio finding aid GARVAN_J01_interim_finding_aid.pdf garvan_j01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (123.92 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Gary Lee collection: ephemera ms_5025_gary_lee_collection.pdf (257.16 KB)
Audio finding aid GENOVA_V01_finding_aid_interim.pdf genova_v01_finding_aid_interim.pdf (135.91 KB)
Audio finding aid GEYTENBEEK_B01_finding_aid.pdf geytenbeek_b01_finding_aid.pdf (205 KB)
Audio finding aid GILLAN_P01_finding_aid.pdf gillan_p01_finding_aid.pdf (204.21 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Gillespie, Danny Ambrose MS2313.htm (22.86 KB)
Audio finding aid GLASS_A02_interim_finding_aid.pdf glass_a02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (117.61 KB)
Audio finding aid GLASS_A03_interim_finding_aid.pdf glass_a03_interim_finding_aid.pdf (116.98 KB)
Audio finding aid GLASS_A04_interim_finding_aid.pdf glass_a04_interim_finding_aid.pdf (118.28 KB)
Audio finding aid GLASS_A09_interim_finding_aid.pdf glass_a09_interim_finding_aid.pdf (119.68 KB)
Audio finding aid GLASS_A10_interim_finding_aid.pdf glass_a10_interim_finding_aid.pdf (144.01 KB)
Audio finding aid GLASS_A11_interim_finding_aid.pdf glass_a11_interim_finding_aid.pdf (135.95 KB)
Audio finding aid GLASS_A12_interim_finding_aid.pdf glass_a12_interim_finding_aid.pdf (120.9 KB)
Audio finding aid GODFREY-SAY_01_finding_aid.pdf godfrey-say_01_finding_aid.pdf (156.34 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Goodale, Jane C. ms_4676_goodale.pdf (303.25 KB)
Audio finding aid GOODALE_J01_interim_finding_aid.pdf goodale_j01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (121.6 KB)
Audio finding aid GOODALE_J02_interim_finding_aid.pdf goodale_j02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (132.36 KB)
Audio finding aid GORDON_J01_finding_aid.pdf gordon_j01_finding_aid.pdf (139.69 KB)
Audio finding aid GORDON_J02_finding_aid.pdf gordon_j02_finding_aid.pdf (144.35 KB)
Audio finding aid GOULD_R01_finding_aid.pdf gould_r01_finding_aid.pdf (130.61 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Graham, Beth MS4169.htm (25.72 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Grattan, Michelle MS4084_Grattan.pdf (174.57 KB)
Audio finding aid GRATTE_S03_finding_aid.pdf gratte_s03_finding_aid.pdf (126.25 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Grau, Andre Manuscript finding aid MS740.PDF (64 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Gray, Frederick Harold MS2451.htm (35.91 KB)
Audio finding aid GRAY_S01_finding_aid.pdf gray_s01_finding_aid.pdf (122.28 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Great Britain. Parliament MS48.PDF (193.31 KB)
Audio finding aid GREEN_C01_finding_aid green_c01_finding_aid.pdf (164.29 KB)
Audio finding aid GREEN_J06_interim_finding_aid.pdf green_j06_interim_finding_aid.pdf (129.56 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Gribble, John Brown - Papers, 1873-1905 MS1514.PDF (803.96 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Gribble, John Brown - Papers, 1892-1970 MS1515.PDF (1.09 MB)
Audio finding aid GRIFFIN_P01_finding_aid.pdf griffin_p01_finding_aid.pdf (138.18 KB)
Audio finding aid GRIFFITHS_T01_interim_finding_aid.pdf griffiths_t01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (129 KB)
Audio finding aid GROGER-WURM_H02_finding_aid.pdf groger-wurm_h02_finding_aid.pdf (143.33 KB)
Audio finding aid GUMMOW_M03_finding_aid.pdf gummow_m03_finding_aid.pdf (142.91 KB)
Audio finding aid GURANG_01_finding_aid.pdf gurang_01_finding_aid.pdf (138.19 KB)
Audio finding aid GURRMANAMANA_F02_finding_aid_interim.pdf gurrmanamana_f02_finding_aid_interim.pdf (136.51 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Guth, Steven MS962.PDF (61.5 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Hale, Kenneth Locke - Alyawara MS860.htm (5.52 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Hale, Kenneth Locke - Aranda & Ammatjera MS862.htm (8.18 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Hale, Kenneth Locke - Gunwinjgu MS878.PDF (63.63 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Hale, Kenneth Locke - Gurindji MS864.PDF (35.91 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Hale, Kenneth Locke - Lardil field notes MS883.PDF (63.97 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Hale, Kenneth Locke - Miscellaneous ms4114_hale.pdf (190.51 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Hale, Kenneth Locke - Northern Pama field notes MS882.PDF (63.3 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Hale, Kenneth Locke - Tjapukai MS543.htm (3.76 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Hale, Kenneth Locke - Walbiri Field Notes 1966-67 MS3171.PDF (99.8 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Hale, Kenneth Locke - Warlpiri Field Notes 1959 [Yuendumu 1959] ms_865_halewarlpirifieldnotes.pdf (34.07 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Hale, Kenneth Locke - Warramunga MS863.htm (7.89 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Hale, Kenneth Locke - Yangkal, Yukulta , Kayatilt ; Mornington Island 1960 MS3172.PDF (45.26 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Hale, Kenneth Locke - Yanjula field notes MS880.PDF (83.54 KB)
Audio finding aid HALE_K03_finding_aid.pdf hale_k03_finding_aid.pdf (175.85 KB)
Audio finding aid HALE_K04_finding_aid hale_k04_finding_aid.pdf (155.17 KB)
Audio finding aid HALE_K06_finding_aid.pdf hale_k06_finding_aid.pdf (912.83 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Hall, Allan 1967-1995 hall_finding_aid_ms4883.pdf (352.23 KB)
Audio finding aid HALL_A04_finding_aid.pdf hall_a04_finding_aid.pdf (121.44 KB)
Audio finding aid HALL_B01_finding_aid_interim.pdf hall_b01_finding_aid_interim.pdf (108.69 KB)
Audio finding aid HAMILTON_A02_finding_aid.pdf hamilton_a02_finding_aid.pdf (128.44 KB)
Audio finding aid HANSEN_K07_finding_aid.pdf hansen_k07_finding_aid.pdf (124.98 KB)
Audio finding aid HANSEN_K08_interim-finding-aid hansen_k08_interim-finding-aid.pdf (126.36 KB)
Audio finding aid HANSEN_K08_interim-finding-aid_v2 hansen_k08_interim-finding-aid_v2.pdf (125.79 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Harris, Pamela MS1019.htm (6.61 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Hart, C.W.M. - Papers ms4540_hart.pdf (161.8 KB)
Audio finding aid HARVEY_M14_finding_aid.pdf harvey_m14_finding_aid.pdf (220.38 KB)
Audio finding aid HARVEY_M21_interim_finding_aid.pdf harvey_m21_interim_finding_aid.pdf (128.22 KB)
Audio finding aid HARVEY_M22_interim_finding_aid.pdf harvey_m22_interim_finding_aid.pdf (134.79 KB)
Audio finding aid HATA_M01 hata_m01_finding_aid.pdf (99.61 KB)
Audio finding aid HATA_M01 hata_m01_finding_aid_interim.pdf (106.89 KB)
Audio finding aid HEAD_L01_finding_aid.pdf head_l01_finding_aid.pdf (139.48 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Healy, Pat MS4185_Healy.pdf (145.17 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Heath, Jeffrey G - Djingili MS1180.PDF (768.49 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Heath, Jeffrey G - Mara grammar... 1973-1977 MS2745.PDF (62.3 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Heath, Jeffrey G - Mara grammar... 1973-1978 MS2258.PDF (403.65 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Heath, Jeffrey G - Ngandi MS1100.PDF (56.69 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Heath, Jeffrey G - Nunggubuyu MS2749.PDF (70.58 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Heath, Jeffrey G - Ritharngu MS1183.PDF (658.67 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Heath, Jeffrey G - Warndarang MS1044.PDF (45.88 KB)
Audio finding aid HEATH_J04_finding_aid.pdf heath_j04_finding_aid.pdf (263.68 KB)
Audio finding aid HEATH_J05_finding_aid.pdf heath_j05_finding_aid.pdf (167.71 KB)
Audio finding aid HERCUS-ELLIS_01_Interim-Finding-Aid_AudioCM_WIP hercus-ellis_01_interim-finding-aid_audiocm.pdf (120.08 KB)
Audio finding aid HERCUS_L03_finding_aid.pdf hercus_l03_finding_aid.pdf (178.31 KB)
Audio finding aid HERCUS_L08_finding_aid.pdf hercus_l08_finding_aid.pdf (184.01 KB)
Audio finding aid HERCUS_L09_finding_aid.pdf hercus_l09_finding_aid.pdf (134.86 KB)
Audio finding aid HERCUS_L11_finding_aid.pdf hercus_l11_finding_aid.pdf (153.12 KB)
Audio finding aid HERCUS_L12_finding_aid.pdf hercus_l12_finding_aid.pdf (174.17 KB)
Audio finding aid HERCUS_L13_finding_aid.pdf hercus_l13_finding_aid.pdf (147.77 KB)
Audio finding aid HERCUS_L14_finding_aid.pdf hercus_l14_finding_aid.pdf (120.31 KB)
Audio finding aid HERCUS_L16_finding_aid.pdf hercus_l16_finding_aid.pdf (1.19 MB)
Audio finding aid HERCUS_L18_finding_aid.pdf hercus_l18_finding_aid.pdf (268.46 KB)
Audio finding aid HERCUS_L19_finding_aid.pdf hercus_l19_finding_aid.pdf (162.19 KB)
Audio finding aid HERCUS_L25_finding_aid.pdf hercus_l25_finding_aid.pdf (151.88 KB)
Audio finding aid HERCUS_L26_finding_aid.pdf hercus_l26_finding_aid.pdf (249.08 KB)
Audio finding aid HERCUS_L28_finding_aid.pdf hercus_l28_finding_aid.pdf (351.58 KB)
Audio finding aid HERCUS_L30_finding_aid.pdf hercus_l30_finding_aid.pdf (306.6 KB)
Audio finding aid HERCUS_L35_finding_aid.pdf hercus_l35_finding_aid.pdf (129.21 KB)
Audio finding aid HERCUS_L36_interim_finding_aid.pdf hercus_l36_interim_finding_aid.pdf (125.17 KB)
Audio finding aid HERCUS_L38_interim_finding_aid.pdf hercus_l38_interim_finding_aid.pdf (119.73 KB)
Audio finding aid hercus_l39_interim_finding_aid.pdf hercus_l39_interim_finding_aid.pdf (115.57 KB)
Audio finding aid HIATT_L01_finding_aid.pdf hiatt_l01_finding_aid.pdf (180.34 KB)
Audio finding aid HIATT_L03_finding_aid.pdf hiatt_l03_finding_aid.pdf (170.48 KB)
Audio finding aid HIATT_L04_interim_finding_aid.pdf hiatt_l04_interim_finding_aid.pdf (149.43 KB)
Audio finding aid HILL_C01_interim_finding_aid.pdf hill_c01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (174.88 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Hoddinot William MS2126.htm (34.98 KB)
Audio finding aid HODDINOTT_W01_finding_aid.pdf hoddinott_w01_finding_aid.pdf (202.17 KB)
Audio finding aid HODDINOTT_W04_finding_aid.pdf hoddinott_w04_finding_aid.pdf (553.27 KB)
Audio finding aid HOLMER_N01_finding_aid.pdf holmer_n01_finding_aid.pdf (143.39 KB)
Audio finding aid HOPKINS_D01_finding_aid.pdf hopkins_d01_finding_aid.pdf (163.32 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Howitt, Alfred William - A.W. Howitt Collection MS69.htm (401.96 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Howitt, Alfred William - Papers mf154.pdf (570.9 KB)
Audio finding aid huddleston_b01_interim_finding_aid.pdf huddleston_b01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (120.97 KB)
Audio finding aid hudson_j01 hudson_j01_finding_aid.pdf (150.99 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Huggins, Jackie MS4426_Huggins.pdf (580.43 KB)
Audio finding aid HUGGINS_J03_interim_finding_aid.pdf huggins_j03_interim_finding_aid.pdf (134.4 KB)
Audio finding aid IAD_06-finding_aid iad_06_finding_aid.pdf (1.29 MB)
Audio finding aid IAD_11_interim_finding_aid.pdf iad_11_interim_finding_aid.pdf (221.06 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Inglis, Judy MS2907.htm (12.96 KB)
Audio finding aid INGRAM_J01_interim_finding_aid.pdf ingram_j01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (118.6 KB)
Audio finding aid INGRAM_J02_interim_finding_aid.pdf ingram_j02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (120.7 KB)
Audio finding aid IRRA-WANGGA_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf irra-wangga_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (173.21 KB)
Audio finding aid IRRA-WANGGA_02_interim_finding_aid.pdf irra-wangga_02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (131.02 KB)
Audio finding aid IRRA-WANGGA_03_interim_finding_aid.pdf irra-wangga_03_interim_finding_aid.pdf (131.07 KB)
Audio finding aid IRRA-WANGGA_04_interim_finding_aid.pdf irra-wangga_04_interim_finding_aid.pdf (130.42 KB)
Audio finding aid IRRA-WANGGA_05_interim_finding_aid.pdf irra-wangga_05_interim_finding_aid.pdf (127 KB)
Audio finding aid IRRA-WANGGA_06_interim_finding_aid.pdf irra-wangga_06_interim_finding_aid.pdf (144.22 KB)
Audio finding aid IRRA-WANGGA_07_interim_finding_aid.pdf irra-wangga_07_interim_finding_aid.pdf (139.93 KB)
Audio finding aid IRRA-WANGGA_08_interim-finding-aid irra-wangga_08_interim-finding-aid.pdf (213.3 KB)
Audio finding aid JACKOMOS_A02_interim_finding_aid.pdf jackomos_a02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (134.97 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Jacobs, Jane MS4162_Jacobs.pdf (212.27 KB)
Audio finding aid JACOBS_JM01_finding_aid.pdf jacobs_jm01_finding_aid.pdf (475.93 KB)
Manuscript finding aid James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement Collection MS1455.htm (27.33 KB)
Audio finding aid JAMES_K01_interim_finding_aid.pdf james_k01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (150.55 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Janice J. Monk. Aboriginal household and dwelling survey NSW. ms_5068_janicemonk.pdf (266.27 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Jernudd, Bjorn H. MS1075.PDF (93.53 KB)
Audio finding aid JERNUDD_B01_finding_aid.pdf jernudd_b01_finding_aid.pdf (480.27 KB)
Audio finding aid JILKMINGGAN_01_finding-aid jilkminggan_01_finding-aid.pdf (123.48 KB)
Audio finding aid JILKMINGGAN_01_finding-aid jilkminggan_01_finding-aid.pdf (123.48 KB)
Audio finding aid JOHANNES_R01_finding-aid johannes_r01_finding-aid.pdf (138.65 KB)
Manuscript finding aid John D. Jago papers ms_5024_john_jago_finding_aid.pdf (518.5 KB)
Manuscript finding aid John Gordon, Transcriptions of songs, 1968 ms_548_john_gordon_transcripts_of_songs.pdf (241.99 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Johnson, Steve R. MS3778_Johnson.pdf (178.71 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Jon Altman research collection ms_4721_altman_a.pdf (860.65 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Jones, Megan L. Wanindilyaugwa and Nunggubuyu dances, Groote Eylandt, 1969 MS977.PDF (47.54 KB)
Audio finding aid JONES_C05_finding_aid_interim.pdf jones_c05_finding_aid_interim.pdf (114.88 KB)
Audio finding aid JONES_P01_interim-finding-aid jones_p01_interim-finding-aid.pdf (93.98 KB)
Audio finding aid JONES_T01_finding_aid.pdf jones_t01_finding_aid.pdf (164.34 KB)
Audio finding aid KABAI-GER_01_finding_aid_interim.pdf kabai-ger_01_finding_aid_interim.pdf (142.98 KB)
Audio finding aid KABAILA_P01_finding_aid.pdf kabaila_p01_finding_aid.pdf (123.54 KB)
Audio finding aid KABAILA_P02_finding_aid kabaila_p02_finding_aid.pdf (143.21 KB)
Audio finding aid KABAILA_P03_finding_aid.pdf kabaila_p03_finding_aid.pdf (327.06 KB)
Audio finding aid KABAILA_P04_interim_finding_aid.pdf kabaila_p04_interim_finding_aid.pdf (120.87 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Kaberry, Phyllis M (copies & originals) MS739_3358.PDF (131.09 KB)
Audio finding aid KANAMKEK-YILE-NGALA_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf kanamkek-yile-ngala_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (121.04 KB)
Audio finding aid KARRAYILI_02_finding-aid karrayili_02_finding-aid.pdf (377.7 KB)
Audio finding aid KARTOMI_M01_finding_aid.pdf kartomi_m01_finding_aid.pdf (204.79 KB)
Audio finding aid KEED_R02_finding_aid.pdf keed_r02_finding_aid.pdf (127.01 KB)
Audio finding aid KEEN_S03_finding_aid.pdf keen_s03_finding_aid.pdf (149.17 KB)
Audio finding aid KEEN_S04_finding_aid.pdf keen_s04_finding_aid.pdf (121.24 KB)
Audio finding aid KEEN_S05_finding_aid.pdf keen_s05_finding_aid.pdf (134.42 KB)
Audio finding aid KEEN_S06_finding_aid.pdf keen_s06_finding_aid.pdf (143.33 KB)
Audio finding aid KEEN_S08_finding_aid.pdf keen_s08_finding_aid.pdf (117.68 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Kendon, Adam - ...Aboriginal sign language... MS2569.PDF (327.07 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Kendon, Adam - Yuendumu sign language project MS2901.PDF (51.43 KB)
Audio finding aid KENNEDY_R01_finding_aid_interim.pdf kennedy_r01_finding_aid_interim.pdf (116.5 KB)
Audio finding aid KENNEDY_R03_finding_aid_interim.pdf kennedy_r03_finding_aid_interim.pdf (112.68 KB)
Audio finding aid KHT_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf kht_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (120.28 KB)
Audio finding aid KINSLOW-HARRIS_J02_finding_aid.pdf kinslow-harris_j02_finding_aid.pdf (122.15 KB)
Audio finding aid KLOKEID_T03_finding_aid.pdf klokeid_t03_finding_aid_interim.pdf (113.65 KB)
Audio finding aid KLRC_20_interim_finding_aid.pdf klrc_20_interim_finding_aid.pdf (119.78 KB)
Audio finding aid KNOPOFF_S01__interim_finding_aid.pdf knopoff_s01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (142.6 KB)
Audio finding aid KNOPOFF_S04_finding_aid_interim.pdf knopoff_s04_finding_aid_interim.pdf (125.24 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Koch, Harold J MS2414.pdf (106.15 KB)
Audio finding aid KOCH_G05_interim_finding_aid.pdf koch_g05_interim_finding_aid.pdf (125.33 KB)
Audio finding aid KOCH_H03_interim_finding_aid.pdf koch_h03_interim_finding_aid.pdf (150.87 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Kofod, Frances M MS2568.PDF (106.57 KB)
Audio finding aid KOPPE_J01_finding-aid koppe_j01_interim-finding-aid.pdf (157.56 KB)
Audio finding aid KOPPE_J01_interim-finding-aid koppe_j03_interim-finding-aid.pdf (147.56 KB)
Audio finding aid KOPPE_J01_interim-finding-aid koppe_j03_interim-finding-aid.pdf (147.56 KB)
Audio finding aid KOPPE_J02_interim-finding-aid koppe_j02_interim-finding-aid.pdf (165.02 KB)
Audio finding aid KOPPE_J04-Interim-Finding-Aid koppe_j04-interim-finding-aid.pdf (126.7 KB)
Audio finding aid KOPPE_J05_interim-finding-aid koppe_j05_interim-finding-aid.pdf (135.24 KB)
Audio finding aid KOYCHEN_T01_interim_finding_aid.pdf koychen_t01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (126.54 KB)
Audio finding aid KURANDA_01_finding_aid.pdf kuranda_01_finding_aid.pdf (260.78 KB)
Audio finding aid LA-PEROUSE_01_finding_aid la-perouse_01_finding-aid.pdf (194.58 KB)
Audio finding aid LA-PEROUSE_01_finding_aid la-perouse_01_finding-aid.pdf (194.58 KB)
Audio finding aid LAADE_W01_finding_aid_interim.pdf laade_w01_finding_aid_interim.pdf (145.91 KB)
Audio finding aid LAADE_W02_finding_aid_interim.pdf laade_w02_finding_aid_interim.pdf (121.19 KB)
Audio finding aid LAJAMANU_06_finding_aid.pdf lajamanu_06_finding_aid.pdf (353.67 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Lalor, Michael MS3173.PDF (68.56 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Language notes of Father Anthony Rex Peile ms_4226_peile.pdf (211.51 KB)
Audio finding aid LARSON_R01_finding_aid.pdf larson_r01_finding_aid.pdf (126.34 KB)
Audio finding aid LAUGHREN_M01_finding_aid.pdf laughren_m01_finding_aid.pdf (170.63 KB)
Audio finding aid LAUGHREN_M04_finding_aid laughren_m04_finding_aid.pdf (232.87 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Laves, Gerhardt (Original & copy) MS2189_Laves.pdf (277.17 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Laves, Gerhardt (Original) ms2188_lavesoriginalpapers.pdf (898.06 KB)
Audio finding aid LAWRENCE_H01_finding_aid_interim.pdf lawrence_h01_finding_aid_interim.pdf (122.92 KB)
Audio finding aid LAWRIE_M02_finding_aid_interim.pdf lawrie_m02_finding_aid_interim.pdf (157.87 KB)
Audio finding aid LAWRIE_M03_finding_aid_interim.pdf lawrie_m03_finding_aid_interim.pdf (112.18 KB)
Audio finding aid LAWRIE_M05_finding_aid_interim.pdf lawrie_m05_finding_aid_interim.pdf (116.08 KB)
Audio finding aid LAWRIE_M06_finding_aid.pdf lawrie_m06_finding_aid.pdf (136.29 KB)
Audio finding aid LAWRIE_M07_finding_aid_interim.pdf lawrie_m07_finding_aid_interim.pdf (111.26 KB)
Audio finding aid LAWRIE_M08_finding_aid.pdf lawrie_m08_finding_aid.pdf (194.49 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Layton, Robert H MS595.PDF (72.24 KB)
Audio finding aid LAYTON_R01_finding_aid.pdf layton_r01_finding_aid.pdf (165.84 KB)
Audio finding aid LAYTON_R02_finding_aid.pdf layton_r02_finding_aid.pdf (285.75 KB)
Audio finding aid LAYTON_R16_interim_finding_aid.pdf layton_r16_interim_finding_aid.pdf (135.74 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Lee, Jennifer, R MS2381.PDF (788.77 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Lesley Maynard. Field notes and sketches - Laura region. ms_4609_lesleymaynard_field_notes_and_sketches.pdf (209.76 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Lewis, Darrell J MS1003.PDF (50.75 KB)
Audio finding aid LOBBAN_W01_finding_aid.pdf lobban_w01_finding_aid.pdf (162.53 KB)
Audio finding aid LOBBAN_W02_finding_aid.pdf lobban_w02_finding_aid.pdf (133.37 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Long, Jeremy P ms2534.pdf (134.72 KB)
Audio finding aid LOSTE-BROWN_S01_finding_aid.pdf loste-brown_s01_finding_aid.pdf (197.12 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Love, James Robert Beattie MS2532.htm (8.58 KB)
Audio finding aid LUCICH_P03_finding_aid.pdf lucich_p03_finding_aid.pdf (149.04 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Lutheran Church in Australia. Hope Vale Mission Board MS2369.htm (61.31 KB)
Audio finding aid MABO_E01_finding-aid mabo_e01_finding-aid.pdf (141.74 KB)
Manuscript finding aid MacFarlane, William H MS2616.PDF (125.06 KB)
Manuscript finding aid MacKenzie, William F ms2483.pdf (308.79 KB)
Manuscript finding aid MacPherson, John MS50.PDF (128.68 KB)
Audio finding aid MAILHAMMER_R01_interim_finding_aid.pdf mailhammer_r01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (131.22 KB)
Audio finding aid MALCOLM_I01_interim_finding_aid.pdf malcolm_i01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (147.93 KB)
Audio finding aid MALCOLM_I02_interim_finding_aid.pdf malcolm_i02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (185.08 KB)
Audio finding aid MALCOLM_I03_interim_finding_aid.pdf malcolm_i03_interim_finding_aid.pdf (157.72 KB)
Audio finding aid MALCOLM_I04_interim_finding_aid.pdf malcolm_i04_interim_finding_aid.pdf (192.09 KB)
Audio finding aid MALCOLM_I05_interim_finding_aid.pdf malcolm_i05_interim_finding_aid.pdf (154.82 KB)
Audio finding aid MALCOLM_I06_interim_finding_aid malcolm_i06_interim_finding_aid.pdf (154.36 KB)
Audio finding aid MALCOLM_I07_finding-aid malcolm_i07_interim_finding_aid.pdf (296.85 KB)
Audio finding aid MALCOLM_I08_interim_finding_aid.pdf malcolm_i08_interim_finding_aid.pdf (204.07 KB)
Audio finding aid MALCOLM_I09_interim_finding_aid.pdf malcolm_i09_interim_finding_aid.pdf (130.07 KB)
Audio finding aid MALGAWO_01_finding-aid malgawo_01_finding-aid.pdf (162.53 KB)
Audio finding aid MANDERSON_R01_finding_aid manderson_r01_finding_aid.pdf (169.59 KB)
Audio finding aid MARCUS_J01_interim_finding_aid.pdf marcus_j01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (129.13 KB)
Audio finding aid MARTIN_K01_finding_aid.pdf martin_k01_finding_aid.pdf (126.46 KB)
Audio finding aid MARTIN_M03_finding_aid.pdf martin_m03_finding_aid.pdf (119.12 KB)
Audio finding aid MARTIN_M07_finding_aid.pdf martin_m07_finding_aid.pdf (113.49 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Mathew, John - Papers MS950.pdf (173.14 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Mathew, John - Papers on linguistics MS999.PDF (78.76 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Mathew, Randolph Yule MS969.htm (12.97 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Mathews, Robert Hamilton - Correspondence... MS1606.PDF (947.7 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Mathews, Robert Hamilton - Field notes MS3179.PDF (274.12 KB)
Audio finding aid MATHEWS_J05_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j05_finding_aid.pdf (138.08 KB)
Audio finding aid MATHEWS_J06_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j06_finding_aid.pdf (132.96 KB)
Audio finding aid MATHEWS_J07_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j07_finding_aid.pdf (211.88 KB)
Audio finding aid MATHEWS_J08_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j08_finding_aid.pdf (118.08 KB)
Audio finding aid MATHEWS_J12_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j12_finding_aid.pdf (150.86 KB)
Audio finding aid MATHEWS_J13_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j13_finding_aid.pdf (123.71 KB)
Audio finding aid MATHEWS_J14_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j14_finding_aid.pdf (155.25 KB)
Audio finding aid MATHEWS_J15_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j15_finding_aid.pdf (340.93 KB)
Audio finding aid MATHEWS_J16_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j16_finding_aid.pdf (224 KB)
Audio finding aid MATHEWS_J17_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j17_finding_aid.pdf (176.87 KB)
Audio finding aid MATHEWS_J18_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j18_finding_aid.pdf (242.21 KB)
Audio finding aid MATHEWS_J20_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j20_finding_aid.pdf (303.93 KB)
Audio finding aid MATHEWS_J21_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j21_finding_aid.pdf (122.25 KB)
Audio finding aid MATHEWS_J22_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j22_finding_aid.pdf (130.16 KB)
Audio finding aid MATHEWS_J23_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j23_finding_aid.pdf (160.01 KB)
Audio finding aid MATHEWS_J24_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j24_finding_aid.pdf (149.83 KB)
Audio finding aid MATHEWS_J26_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j26_finding_aid.pdf (130.53 KB)
Audio finding aid MATHEWS_J27_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j27_finding_aid.pdf (115.38 KB)
Audio finding aid MATHEWS_J28_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j28_finding_aid.pdf (123.55 KB)
Audio finding aid MATHEWS_J30_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j30_finding_aid.pdf (145.79 KB)
Audio finding aid MATHEWS_J31_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j31_finding_aid.pdf (171.19 KB)
Audio finding aid MATHEWS_J40_interim_finding_aid.pdf mathews_j40_interim_finding_aid.pdf (122.08 KB)
Audio finding aid matthews_j18 mathews_j18_finding_aid.pdf (138.62 KB)
Audio finding aid MAY-WILD_02_finding_aid.pdf may-wild_02_finding_aid.pdf (122.27 KB)
Audio finding aid MAYNARD_J01_interim_finding_aid.pdf maynard_j01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (128.82 KB)
Audio finding aid MAYNARD_J02_interim_finding_aid.pdf maynard_j02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (128.09 KB)
Manuscript finding aid McCardell, Antony MS789.PDF (429.54 KB)
Manuscript finding aid McCarthy, Frederick David - Aboriginal place names... MS3112.PDF (72.15 KB)
Manuscript finding aid McCarthy, Frederick David - AIAS MS4352.htm (7.99 KB)
Manuscript finding aid McCarthy, Frederick David - Papers MS3513.pdf (278.54 KB)
Audio finding aid MCCONNEL_U01_finding_aid.pdf mcconnel_u01_finding_aid.pdf (132.12 KB)
Manuscript finding aid McConvell, Patrick - Gurindji, Mudbura, Bilinara, Katangaruru, Ngarinman MS2746.PDF (78.01 KB)
Manuscript finding aid McConvell, Patrick - Mudbura MS284.PDF (290.51 KB)
Audio finding aid MCCONVELL_P08_finding_aid.pdf mcconvell_p08_finding_aid.pdf (165.28 KB)
Manuscript finding aid McGarvie, Neil MS4127_McGarvie.pdf (102.98 KB)
Manuscript finding aid McGinness, Joe ms_3718_mcginness.pdf (554.9 KB)
Audio finding aid MCGINTY_S01_interim_finding_aid.pdf mcginty_s01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (122.9 KB)
Manuscript finding aid McKay, Graham R - Djeepana (Gunibidji) MS2453.pdf (22.99 KB)
Manuscript finding aid McKay, Graham R - Ndjebbana [Kunibidji] MS3177.PDF (65.81 KB)
Manuscript finding aid McKay, Graham R - Rembarnga field notes MS2271.PDF (71.78 KB)
Manuscript finding aid McKay, Graham R - Rembarnga texts MS1079.PDF (63.11 KB)
Audio finding aid MCKAY_G01_finding_aid.pdf mckay_g01_finding_aid.pdf (236.61 KB)
Audio finding aid MCKELLAR_H02_interim_finding_aid.pdf mckellar_h02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (119.3 KB)
Manuscript finding aid McKelson, Kevin B MS3702.pdf (683.79 KB)
Audio finding aid MCKELSON_K01_finding_aid.pdf mckelson_k01_finding_aid.pdf (177.9 KB)
Audio finding aid MCKEOWN_F01_finding_aid_interim.pdf mckeown_f01_finding_aid_interim.pdf (143.37 KB)
Audio finding aid MCLEAVY_L01_finding_aid.pdf mcleavy_l01_finding_aid.pdf (108.78 KB)
Manuscript finding aid McLeod, Don MS4642.html (20.82 KB)
Audio finding aid MCNAIR_NH01_finding_aid.pdf mcnair_nh01_finding_aid.pdf (204.06 KB)
Audio finding aid meehan-jones_03_finding_aid.pdf meehan-jones_03_finding_aid.pdf (145.38 KB)
Audio finding aid MELVILLE-RANKINE_02_finding_aid.pdf melville-rankine_02_finding_aid.pdf (129.61 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Merlan, Francesca C - Letburit Jawon MS1366.PDF (49.12 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Merlan, Francesca C - Mangarayi MS1367.PDF (45.12 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Merlan, Francesca C - Ngalakan MS116.PDF (649.26 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Merlan, Francesca C - Wadaman MS1322.PDF (72.74 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Merlan, Francesca C - Yangman MS1365.PDF (35.13 KB)
Audio finding aid MERLAN_F10_finding_aid.pdf merlan_f10_finding_aid.pdf (183.65 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Methodist Church (Great Britain). Overseas Division MS3111.PDF (76.38 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Michaels, Eric MS2744.PDF (1.28 MB)
Audio finding aid MINJILANG_01-finding_aid minjilang_01-finding_aid.pdf (174.67 KB)
Audio finding aid MITCHELL_R01_finding_aid_interim.pdf mitchell_r01_finding_aid_interim.pdf (122.15 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Moloney, John C PMS764.pdf (82.16 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Moonahcullah ration books ms_5056_moonahcullah.pdf (104.27 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Moravian Mission MF163-88.htm (44.23 KB)
Audio finding aid MORGAN_E01-finding_aid morgan_e01-finding_aid.pdf (248.53 KB)
Audio finding aid MORIARTY_B01_finding_aid.pdf moriarty_b01_finding_aid.pdf (169.63 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Morphy, Frances - Limilngan MS39.PDF (62.37 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Morphy, Frances - Yirrkala MS3176.PDF (138.8 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Morphy, Howard MS3493.PDF (91.53 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Morrissey, David MS4083.pdf (225.29 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Mowanjum Community Collection (Barunga bequest) MS2533.htm (21.31 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Moyle, Alice MS3501.htm (244.06 KB)
Manuscript finding aid MS 3518 Groote Eylandt ms_3518_groote_eylandt.doc.pdf (272.27 KB)
Manuscript finding aid MS 3772 ms3772_stansmith_final.pdf (158.76 KB)
Manuscript finding aid MS 5021 ms_5021_tsunoda.pdf (830.52 KB)
Manuscript finding aid MS 5076 ms_5076_nova_peris_final.pdf (90.12 KB)
Manuscript finding aid MS 5079 ms_5079_ian_malcolm.pdf (438.03 KB)
Manuscript finding aid MS 5089 National Sorry Day Committee ms_5089_nsdc.pdf (230.73 KB)
Manuscript finding aid MS 5105 Adam Kendon ms_5105_kendon_central_australian_sign_languages_fieldwork.pdf (468.29 KB)
Manuscript finding aid MS 5115 Rachel Perkins, Radiance ms_5115.pdf (461.4 KB)
Manuscript finding aid MS4129 Hiatt ms4129_hiatt.pdf (1.08 MB)
Audio finding aid MUSHIN_I01_finding_aid mushin_i01_finding_aid.pdf (197.82 KB)
Audio finding aid MUSHIN_I02_interim_finding_aid.pdf mushin_i02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (200.49 KB)
Audio finding aid MUURRBAY_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf muurrbay_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (133 KB)
Audio finding aid MYERS_D03_interim-finding-aid myers_d03_interim-finding-aid.pdf (147.6 KB)
Audio finding aid MYERS_D03_interim-finding-aid myers_d03_interim-finding-aid.pdf (147.6 KB)
Audio finding aid MYERS_D04_interim-finding-aid myers_d04_interim-finding-aid.pdf (126.54 KB)
Audio finding aid MYLES_H01-finding_aid.pdf myles_h01-finding_aid.pdf (346.7 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Nash, David. Field notebooks, NT, 1979-84 MS3178.htm (8.8 KB)
Audio finding aid NASH_D25_interim_finding_aid.pdf nash_d25_interim_finding_aid.pdf (120.98 KB)
Audio finding aid nash_d28_finding_aid.pdf nash_d28_finding_aid.pdf (149.54 KB)
Manuscript finding aid National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Pedagogy Project MS4259.htm (24.43 KB)
Manuscript finding aid National Aboriginal Conference, National Secretariat, Registry files and related papers ms_4000_nac_papers.pdf (1.62 MB)
Manuscript finding aid National Aboriginal Consultative Committee Inquiry ms_5095_nacc_inquiry.pdf (155.24 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Nekes, Herman. Kimberleys language material, D'aro, N'ol N'ol etc. Beagel Bay WA, 1931-47 MS35.PDF (57.54 KB)
Audio finding aid NELSON_H01_finding_aid.pdf nelson_h01_finding_aid.pdf (103.23 KB)
Manuscript finding aid New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council. [1976-1981] MS2053.PDF (67.75 KB)
Audio finding aid NEWHAM_D02_interim_finding_aid.pdf newham_d02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (138.56 KB)
Audio finding aid NEW_E01_interim_finding_aid.pdf new_e01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (121.93 KB)
Audio finding aid NGAKULMUNGAN_KL01_finding_aid.pdf ngakulmungan_kl01_finding_aid.pdf (154.66 KB)
Audio finding aid NNSC_01_finding_aid nnsc_01_finding_aid.pdf (127.07 KB)
Audio finding aid NORMAN_S01_interim_finding_aid.pdf norman_s01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (121.36 KB)
Audio finding aid NORMAN_S02_interim_finding_aid.pdf norman_s02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (134.85 KB)
Manuscript finding aid North Queensland Land Council MS1190.PDF (36.25 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Northern Land Council. Land claim files, 1975-1979 MS3196.PDF (1 MB)
Manuscript finding aid Northern Land Council. Minutes of meetings, correspondence, papers etc. 1973 MS2262.PDF (95.64 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Northern Territory Supreme Court - Milirrpum v Nabalco Pty Ltd and the Commonwealth, 1970 SF26-7_5.pdf (949.71 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Nugent, Ann. Language kit, Dharawal and Dhurga languages of NSW, 1978-1980 MS3467.PDF (54.46 KB)
Audio finding aid NUGENT_A03_finding_aid.pdf nugent_a03_finding_aid.pdf (162.14 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Nyigina field notes of Bronwyn Stokes MS2437.pdf (109.15 KB)
Manuscript finding aid O'Grady, Geoffrey N. Language material from WA, 1964 MS321.PDF (61.58 KB)
Manuscript finding aid O'Grady, Geoffrey N. Language material, 1957-1958, WA, NT and SA. MS320.PDF (112.46 KB)
Manuscript finding aid O'Grady, Geoffrey Noel. [Umpila notes and transcriptions] MS18.PDF (66.81 KB)
Audio finding aid OAKES_M02_finding_aid.pdf oakes_m02_finding_aid.pdf (163.79 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Oates, Lynette F. MS1328.PDF (660.26 KB)
Audio finding aid OATES_L02_finding_aid.pdf oates_l02_finding_aid.pdf (358.76 KB)
Audio finding aid OATES_L03_finding_aid.pdf oates_l03_finding_aid.pdf (157.65 KB)
Audio finding aid OATES_L04_finding_aid.pdf oates_l04_finding_aid.pdf (170.38 KB)
Audio finding aid OATES_L05_finding_aid.pdf oates_l05_finding_aid.pdf (201.5 KB)
Audio finding aid OBER_D01_finding_aid.pdf ober_d01_finding_aid.pdf (169.05 KB)
Audio finding aid OGRADY_G03_finding_aid.pdf ogrady_g03_finding_aid.pdf (135.02 KB)
Audio finding aid OSBORNE_C06_interim_finding_aid.pdf osborne_c06_interim_finding_aid.pdf (123.21 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Papers of Aden Ridgeway, 1971-2005 MS4375_Ridgeway.pdf (243.71 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Papers of Alick and Merle Jackomos ms_5133_jackomospapers.pdf (785.88 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Papers of Colin Tatz. [1950-1973] MS1933.PDF (578.21 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Papers of Jack Davis ms4457_davis.pdf (578.09 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Papers of Janice Reid ms_3769_reid.pdf (166.68 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Papers of Laurie Owens. 1970-88 MS4067.pdf (271.55 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Papers of Leonard J Webb. 1947-2001 MS4157.PDF (63.25 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Papers of Marjorie J. Oakes MS3803_Oakes.pdf (210.48 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Papers of Olive Muriel Pink ms_2368_papers_of_olive_murial_pink.pdf (333.18 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Papers of W.C. Wentworth, 1948-1985 ms3494.pdf (70.5 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Papers of Wolfgang Laade - box list ms_3802_box_list.pdf (49.03 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Papers relating to the Native Police Force, Queensland 1860-1862 MS908.PDF (478.65 KB)
Audio finding aid PAYNE_J01_interim_finding_aid.pdf payne_j01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (125 KB)
Audio finding aid PEARSON-BAIRD_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf pearson-baird_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (132.6 KB)
Audio finding aid PEARSON_N01_interim_finding_aid.pdf pearson_n01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (136.93 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Penny, David Harry MS2044.htm (16.97 KB)
Audio finding aid PERKINS_R02_finding_aid_interim perkins_r02_finding_aid_interim.pdf (128.3 KB)
Audio finding aid PERKINS_R03_interim_finding_aid.pdf perkins_r03_interim_finding_aid.pdf (121.25 KB)
Audio finding aid PERKINS_R04_interim_finding_aid.pdf perkins_r04_interim_finding_aid.pdf (124.1 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Peter Sutton records at South Australian Museum ms_727_peter_sutton_records_at_sam.pdf (2.42 MB)
Manuscript finding aid Peterson, Douglas A ms2039.pdf (34.33 KB)
Audio finding aid PETERSON-CURRAN_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf peterson-curran_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (314.13 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Pietrusewsky, Michael. Cranial variation in Australian and circum-Australian populations, 1976 MS909.pdf (103.77 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Pitjantjatjara Council MS1168.PDF (43.16 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Pitjantjatjara Council [1976-1981] MS1497.PDF (87.28 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Pitjantjatjara Council. Land Rights (Sth Australia) files, 1976 MS2399.PDF (300.62 KB)
Audio finding aid PLATT_J01_finding_aid.pdf platt_j01_finding_aid.pdf (472.58 KB)
Manuscript finding aid PMS243.pdf PMS243.pdf (700.41 KB)
Manuscript finding aid PMS4365.pdf PMS4365.pdf (34.46 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Poignant, Roslyn. Papers relating to publication of 'Encounter at Nagalarramba', 1939-1994 MS3465.PDF (148.48 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Point McLeay Reserve and Point Pearce Aboriginal Station, 1857-1966 MS3_Point.pdf (165.91 KB)
Audio finding aid PONSONNET_M01_interim_finding_aid.pdf ponsonnet_m01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (150.08 KB)
Audio finding aid PONSONNET_M02_interim_finding_aid.pdf ponsonnet_m02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (148.55 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Port Keats Roman Catholic Mission. Notes on the native language by W Flynn and MF Bailey, 1940-60 MS848.PDF (46.35 KB)
Audio finding aid PORT-AUGUSTA_01_finding-aid port-augusta_01_finding-aid.pdf (151.78 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Purcell, Francis Xavier ms1146.pdf (164.83 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Pym, Noreen MS1282.PDF (40.18 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Queensland Aboriginal Rights Campaign MS1797.htm (8.66 KB)
Audio finding aid QUISENBERRY_K01_finding_aid.pdf quisenberry_k01_finding_aid.pdf (280.55 KB)
Audio finding aid QUISENBERRY_K02_interim_finding_aid.pdf quisenberry_k02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (123.26 KB)
Audio finding aid RABBITT_E01_interim_finding_aid.pdf rabbitt_e01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (124.28 KB)
Audio finding aid RABBITT_E02_interim_finding_aid.pdf rabbitt_e02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (127.24 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Rachel Perkins; Radiance ms_5115.pdf (139.8 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Radcliffe-Brown, Alfred MS995.htm (10.37 KB)
Audio finding aid RAXWORTHY_R01_finding_aid.pdf raxworthy_r01_finding_aid.pdf (169.85 KB)
Audio finding aid READ_P09_finding_aid.pdf read_p09_finding_aid.pdf (184.94 KB)
Audio finding aid REAY_M01_finding_aid.pdf reay_m01_finding_aid.pdf (170.02 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Records of Broadbeach Aboriginal Burial Ground Excavation (Q1) 1965-1967 ms5055_broadbeach_excavationfindingaid.pdf (131.38 KB)
Audio finding aid REDMOND_T02_interim_finding_aid.pdf redmond_t02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (139.19 KB)
Audio finding aid REECE_L06_finding_aid.pdf reece_l06_finding_aid.pdf (133.39 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Referendum Survey (1967) MS4166.htm (5.83 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Reuther, J. G. The Diari, vol 1-5 translated into English 1973 MS2289.PDF (65.99 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Rhys Jones, Records of archaeological expeditions 1963-1980 ms5040_rhysjones_archaeological_expeditions.pdf (564.7 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Richmond River Historical Society papers 1842-1962 MS26.PDF (82.49 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Richmond River Historical Society papers 1900-1962 MF32.PDF (144.89 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Rights of Peoples (Seminars) MS3510.htm (12.6 KB)
Audio finding aid RIGSBY_B03_finding_aid.pdf rigsby_b03_finding_aid.pdf (158.54 KB)
Audio finding aid RIGSBY_B06_interim_finding_aid.pdf rigsby_b06_interim_finding_aid.pdf (132.78 KB)
Audio finding aid RINGERS-SOAK_01-finding-aid ringers-soak_01-finding-aid.pdf (169.94 KB)
Audio finding aid ROBERTS_J01_finding_aid.pdf roberts_j01_finding_aid.pdf (121.15 KB)
Audio finding aid ROBINVALE_01_finding_aid.pdf robinvale_01_finding-aid.pdf (132.39 KB)
Audio finding aid ROSE_L01_finding_aid.pdf rose_l01_finding_aid.pdf (142.47 KB)
Audio finding aid ROSS_T01_interim_finding_aid.pdf ross_t01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (121.69 KB)
Audio finding aid ROWSE_T01_interim_finding_aid.pdf rowse_t01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (131.49 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Rudder, John C. MS1089.PDF (39.8 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Rumsey, Alan. Fieldnotes on Ngarinyin, Bunaba, Worora, Gunian, 1975-1980 MS3180.PDF (121.88 KB)
Audio finding aid RUSSELL_I01_interim_finding_aid.pdf russell_i01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (142.45 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Ryan, Veronica Mary. Tape transcriptions, Warrmun Community, Turkey Creek, 1989 MS3032.pdf (76.58 KB)
Audio finding aid SANDEFUR_J02_finding_aid.pdf sandefur_j02_finding_aid.pdf (213.27 KB)
Audio finding aid SAYERS-KILHAM_01_finding_aid.pdf sayers-kilham_01_finding_aid.pdf (126.1 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Scarlett Pictures, Samson and Delilah production material ms_5103_samson_and_delilah.pdf (86.51 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Scarlett, Neville H. Human Ecology Project, north east Arnhem Land, 1979 MS2376.PDF (638.48 KB)
Audio finding aid SCHEBECK_B02_finding_aid.pdf schebeck_b02_finding_aid.pdf (256.52 KB)
Audio finding aid SCHEPS_B01-finding_aid scheps_b01-finding_aid.pdf (251.91 KB)
Audio finding aid SCHMIDT_E01_interim_finding_aid.pdf schmidt_e01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (126.17 KB)
Audio finding aid SCHWARZ_C01_interim_finding_aid.pdf schwarz_c01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (267.24 KB)
Audio finding aid SCOLLAY_C02_interim_finding_aid scollay_c02-interim_finding_aid.pdf (204.24 KB)
Audio finding aid SCRIMGEOUR_A01_interim_finding_aid.pdf scrimgeour_a01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (145.69 KB)
Audio finding aid SCRIMGEOUR_A02_interim_finding_aid.pdf scrimgeour_a02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (128.63 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Seminar on Aboriginal Education. Adelaide 1984 MS2119.PDF (56.51 KB)
Manuscript finding aid sf_26-7_2.pdf sf_26-7_2.pdf (270.46 KB)
Audio finding aid SHADFORTH_W01_finding_aid.pdf shadforth_w01_finding_aid.pdf (118.13 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Sharp, Richard L. North Queensland expeditions, field data 1933-5, 1957, 1973 MS685.PDF (693.37 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Sharpe, Margaret C. Alawa field notes and tape transcriptions, Hodgson Downs, Nutwood Downs etc. NT, 1966-68 MS359.PDF (44.83 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Sharpe, Margaret C. Alice Springs Aboriginal English, 1976-77 MS850.pdf (53.48 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Sharpe, Margaret C. Bunjalung to English, 1977 MS926.PDF (46.31 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Sharpe, Margaret C. [Alawa] MS1451.PDF (48.57 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Sharpe, Margaret C. [Gunggari] MS1353.PDF (45.82 KB)
Audio finding aid SHARPE_M02_finding_aid.pdf sharpe_m02_finding_aid.pdf (377.97 KB)
Audio finding aid SHARP_C01_interim_finding_aid.pdf sharp_c01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (117.79 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Shaw, Bruce C - Case history notebooks MS2298.htm (6.25 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Shaw, Bruce C - Field journals MS2296.htm (7.94 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Shaw, Bruce C - Field notebooks MS2297.htm (7.56 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Shaw, Bruce C - Interviews (Kununurra) MS2294.htm (16.94 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Shaw, Bruce C. [Kimberleys 1883-1967] MS1467.PDF (85.96 KB)
Audio finding aid SHAW_B10_interim_finding_aid.pdf shaw_b10_interim_finding_aid.pdf (132.37 KB)
Audio finding aid SHEPHERDSON_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf shepherdson_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (197.88 KB)
Audio finding aid SINGER_R01_interim_finding_aid.pdf singer_r01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (164.28 KB)
Audio finding aid SKIRA_I02_finding_aid.pdf skira_i02_finding_aid.pdf (159.92 KB)
Audio finding aid SKIRA_I03_finding_aid.pdf skira_i03_finding_aid.pdf (119.18 KB)
Audio finding aid SKIRA_I04_finding-aid skira_i04_finding-aid.pdf (157.16 KB)
Audio finding aid SKIRA_I05_finding_aid.pdf skira_i05_finding_aid.pdf (132.62 KB)
Audio finding aid SMITH-ROSS_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf smith-ross_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (125.24 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Snake Bay (Milikapiti) Settlement ms_1602_snakebay.pdf (184.21 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Social Impact of Uranium Mining Project MS4008.htm (89.75 KB)
Audio finding aid SOMMER_B02_finding_aid.pdf sommer_b02_finding_aid.pdf (175.29 KB)
Audio finding aid SOMMER_B05_finding_aid.pdf sommer_b05_finding_aid.pdf (339.86 KB)
Audio finding aid SOMMER_B06_finding_aid.pdf sommer_b06_finding_aid.pdf (340.29 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Sorry books 1997-2000 MS3795.pdf (237.58 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Sorry books 1998-2002 MS3569_Sorry.pdf (220.88 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Sorry books 1998-2005 MS4398_Sorry.pdf (226.27 KB)
Manuscript finding aid South Australia. Northern Territory. Administration MS1042.PDF (83.85 KB)
Manuscript finding aid South Pacific National Parks and Reserves Conference, 1985. Proceedings MS2942.PDF (178.59 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Spencer, Walter B. Collected papers 1911-1929. Photocopies of originals held in National Museum of Victoria. MS2535.PDF (118.68 KB)
Audio finding aid SPRAGUE_L01_finding_aid_interim.pdf sprague_l01_finding_aid_interim.pdf (127.02 KB)
Audio finding aid STAFFORD_A01_interim_finding_aid.pdf stafford_a01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (119.41 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Stanner, W. E. H. - Survey of Rock Art Sites MS845.htm (6.01 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Stanner, W. E. H. - W.E.H. Stanner Collection MS3752.htm (694.9 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Stuckey, Jim MS4022.htm (22.31 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Submissions, additional evidence and corrections to transcript of evidence. [SA. Pitjantjatjara] MS1463.PDF (72.2 KB)
Audio finding aid SULLIVAN_C06_finding_aid.pdf sullivan_c06_finding_aid.pdf (132.87 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Sutton, Peter J. Interim report to AIAS, 1977. Cape York. MS2324.pdf (58.5 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Sutton, Peter John - Papers MS2323.htm (17.19 KB)
Audio finding aid SUTTON_P07_finding_aid.pdf sutton_p07_finding_aid.pdf (159.14 KB)
Audio finding aid SUTTON_P07_finding_aid_v2.pdf sutton_p07_finding_aid_v2.pdf (205.26 KB)
Audio finding aid SUTTON_P08_finding_aid.pdf sutton_p08_finding_aid.pdf (138.89 KB)
Audio finding aid SUTTON_P15_finding_aid.pdf sutton_p15_finding_aid.pdf (260.89 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Symposium on the Nuitrition of Aborigines in relation to the Eco-system of Central Australia, papers, 1976 MS992.PDF (691.38 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Tachon, Alphonse MS1.PDF (731.15 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Tamsin Donaldson, Wiradjuri language projects and research papers ms_5096_tamsin_donaldson_wiradjuri_language_projects.pdf (309.46 KB)
Audio finding aid TAREE_01-FINDING_AID taree_01-finding_aid.pdf (238.75 KB)
Audio finding aid TAREE_01-FINDING_AID taree_01-finding_aid.pdf (238.75 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Tasmanian Aboriginal Education Consultative Committee. Documents relating to sacking of TAECC by Minister for Education. 1983-84 MS2097.PDF (788.53 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Taylor, Peter. Kitja materials 1967- MS2747.PDF (134.17 KB)
Audio finding aid TAYLOR_L01_finding_aid.pdf taylor_l01_finding_aid.pdf (143.56 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Thomas, William. Papers 1834-1868 MF323.PDF (587.36 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Thompson, David A. MS1332.PDF (104.9 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Thompson, David A. Tape transcriptions, Lockhart River, 1969-1975 MS23.PDF (71.78 KB)
Audio finding aid THOMPSON_D03_finding_aid.pdf thompson_d03_finding_aid.pdf (130.14 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Thomson, Donald F. Field note collection, Cape York, Arnhem Land, 1933-35 (PMS4337) MS4337.PDF (54.87 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Thomson, Donald F. Notebooks, Arnhem Land, 1935-36 MS2339.PDF (50.31 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Thomson, Donald F. Notebooks, East Cape York Peninsula, 1928-32 MS2340.PDF (73.04 KB)
Audio finding aid THORNE_R01_finding_aid.pdf thorne_r01_finding_aid.pdf (114.09 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Thursday Island State School and Wai-ben Coloured School CDThursday.htm (34.57 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Tindale, Norman Barnett. Field notes, 1938-1963 MS3189.PDF (65.65 KB)
Audio finding aid TINDALE_N05_finding_aid.pdf tindale_n05_finding_aid.pdf (128.5 KB)
Audio finding aid TRIGGER_D01_finding_aid_interim.pdf trigger_d01_finding_aid_interim.pdf (225.77 KB)
Audio finding aid TRIGGER_D02_finding_aid_interim.pdf trigger_d02_finding_aid_interim.pdf (127.55 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Tsunoda, Tasaku - Queensland languages PMS1382.PDF (87.08 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Tsunoda, Tasaku [WA] MS1381.PDF (65.93 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Tsunoda, Tasaku. [Qld-Palm Island] MS1382.PDF (87.08 KB)
Audio finding aid TSUNODA_T12 finding aid tsunoda_t12_finding_aid.pdf (187.27 KB)
Audio finding aid TSUNODA_T17_finding_aid.pdf tsunoda_t17_finding_aid.pdf (155.92 KB)
Audio finding aid TSUNODA_T25_interim_finding_aid.pdf tsunoda_t25_interim_finding_aid.pdf (130.06 KB)
Audio finding aid TSUNODA_T26 interim finding aid tsunoda_t26_interim_finding_aid.pdf (122.24 KB)
Audio finding aid TURPIN_M03_interim_finding_aid.pdf turpin_m03_interim_finding_aid.pdf (174.44 KB)
Audio finding aid TURPIN_M04_interim_finding_aid.pdf turpin_m04_interim_finding_aid.pdf (169.46 KB)
Audio finding aid TURTLE_N01_finding_aid.pdf turtle_n01_finding_aid.pdf (141.99 KB)
Audio finding aid UCA_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf uca_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (119.97 KB)
Audio finding aid UNI-AUCKLAND_01_finding_aid_interim.pdf uni-auckland_01_finding_aid_interim.pdf (133.66 KB)
Audio finding aid VACL_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf vacl_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (135.96 KB)
Audio finding aid VAN-DER-LEEDEN_A02_finding_aid.pdf van-der-leeden_a02_finding_aid.pdf (115.69 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Victoria River Downs employee records, 1954-1974 MS3118.pdf (19.77 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Victorian Aboriginal Group press clippings collection, 1952-69 MS4122_Victorian.pdf (180.74 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Von Sturmer, John - Papers MS2539.htm (24.5 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Von Sturmer, John. Aurukun and Cape York papers, 1968-1990 MS3514.PDF (354.49 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Von Sturmer, John. Aurukun material, 1978- MS2363.PDF (650.52 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Von Sturmer, John. Hermannsburg papers, 1968-77 MS3515.PDF (100.31 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Von Sturmer, John. Social impact of Uranium Mining Project papers 1978-84, relating to Qld. MS3516.PDF (346 KB)
Audio finding aid VON-BRANDENSTEIN_C04_finding_aid.pdf von-brandenstein_c04_finding_aid.pdf (247.96 KB)
Audio finding aid VON-BRANDENSTEIN_C05_finding_aid.pdf von-brandenstein_c05_finding_aid.pdf (126.52 KB)
Audio finding aid WADDY_J02_finding_aid.pdf waddy_j02_finding_aid.pdf (155.17 KB)
Audio finding aid WALLACE_NP02_finding_aid.pdf wallace_np02_finding_aid.pdf (148.55 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Walsh, Michael J. Field notes : Murinjpata, Port Keats NT, 1972 MS397.PDF (40.61 KB)
Audio finding aid WALSH_M02_finding_aid.pdf walsh_m02_finding_aid.pdf (381.74 KB)
Audio finding aid WANAMBI_D01_finding_aid.pdf wanambi_d01_finding_aid.pdf (115.74 KB)
Audio finding aid WANAMBI_D04_finding_aid.pdf wanambi_d04_finding_aid.pdf (138.16 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_01_finding-aid wangkamaya_01_finding-aid.pdf (443.14 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_01_finding-aid.pdf wangkamaya_01_finding-aid.pdf (443.14 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_02_interim_finding_aid wangkamaya_02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (123.16 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_03_interim_finding_aid wangkamaya_03_interim_finding_aid.pdf (130.38 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_04_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_04_interim_finding_aid.pdf (113.63 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_05_finding_aid_interim.pdf wangkamaya_05_finding_aid_interim.pdf (147.02 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_06_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_06_interim_finding_aid.pdf (132.64 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_07_finding_aid_interim.pdf wangkamaya_07_finding_aid_interim.pdf (138.73 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_08_finding_aid_interim.pdf wangkamaya_08_finding_aid_interim.pdf (168.25 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_09_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_09_interim_finding_aid.pdf (135.45 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_10_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_10_interim_finding_aid.pdf (126.17 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_11_finding_aid_interim.pdf wangkamaya_11_finding_aid_interim.pdf (112.52 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_12_finding_aid_interim.pdf wangkamaya_12_finding_aid_interim.pdf (128.08 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_13_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_13_interim_finding_aid.pdf (124.97 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_14_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_14_interim_finding_aid.pdf (127.52 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_15_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_15_interim_finding_aid.pdf (122.84 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_16_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_16_interim_finding_aid.pdf (138.77 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_17_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_17_interim_finding_aid.pdf (152.14 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_18_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_18_interim_finding_aid.pdf (142.55 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_19_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_19_interim_finding_aid.pdf (152.17 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_20_interim_finding_aid wangkamaya_20_interim_finding_aid.pdf (118.59 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_21_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_21_interim_finding_aid.pdf (145.16 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_22_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_22_interim_finding_aid.pdf (134.13 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_23_interim_finding_aid wangkamaya_23_interim_finding_aid.pdf (116.96 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_24_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_24_interim_finding_aid.pdf (123.53 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_25_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_25_interim_finding_aid.pdf (113.48 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_26_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_26_interim_finding_aid.pdf (132.17 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_27_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_27_interim_finding_aid.pdf (126.51 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_28_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_28_interim_finding_aid.pdf (138.27 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_29_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_29_interim_finding_aid.pdf (162.47 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_30_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_30_interim_finding_aid.pdf (124.26 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_31_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_31_interim_finding_aid.pdf (121.67 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_32_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_32_interim_finding_aid.pdf (122.16 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_33_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_33_interim_finding_aid.pdf (123.89 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_34_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_34_interim_finding_aid.pdf (122.8 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_35_interim_finding_aid wangkamaya_35_interim_finding_aid.pdf (118.93 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_36_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_36_interim_finding_aid.pdf (121.37 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_37_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_37_interim_finding_aid.pdf (123.46 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_38_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_38_interim_finding_aid.pdf (121.95 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_39_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_39_interim_finding_aid.pdf (124.89 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_40_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_40_interim_finding_aid.pdf (120.98 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_41_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_41_interim_finding_aid.pdf (122 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_42_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_42_interim_finding_aid.pdf (122.18 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_43_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_43_interim_finding_aid.pdf (123.51 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_44_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_44_interim_finding_aid.pdf (121.1 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_45_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_45_interim_finding_aid.pdf (122.1 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_46_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_46_interim_finding_aid.pdf (121.51 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_47_interim_finding_aid wangkamaya_47_interim_finding_aid.pdf (131.85 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_48_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_48_interim_finding_aid.pdf (112.89 KB)
Audio finding aid WANGKAMAYA_49_interim_finding_aid.pdf wangkamaya_49_interim_finding_aid.pdf (125.72 KB)
Audio finding aid WARD_T01_finding_aid.pdf ward_t01_finding_aid.pdf (158.76 KB)
Audio finding aid WARINGARRI_01_interim_finding-aid waringarri_01_interim_finding-aid.pdf (120.88 KB)
Audio finding aid WARINGARRI_01_interim_finding-aid waringarri_01_interim_finding-aid.pdf (120.88 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Warlpiri dictionary project, Yuendumu 1974-1989 ms_5143_warlpiri_dictionary_project_yuendumu.pdf (348.1 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Warner, Harry. Prehistory and material culture of the south coast of NSW, Tuross Head. MS2303.PDF (94.64 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Warren, Hubert E. MS1187.PDF (69.23 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Waterford, Jack MS2995.htm (20.08 KB)
Audio finding aid WATERMAN_R01_finding_aid.pdf waterman_r01_finding_aid.pdf (211.87 KB)
Audio finding aid WEEBOONGGUL_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf weeboonggul_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (151.24 KB)
Manuscript finding aid West, Lamont. Notes, dubbings and vocabularies relating to research in Arnhem Land, Cape York and Torres Strait, 1960-1965 MS2456.PDF (182.17 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Western Australia. Aboriginal Land Inquiry. Submissions 1983-84 MS1879.PDF (243.51 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Western Australia. Aboriginal Lands Trust. Corresepondence and papers, Forest River Reserve, WA. MS2311.PDF (75.29 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Western Australian Aboriginal Land Rights Workshop 1983 MS1895.PDF (86.69 KB)
Audio finding aid WHITE_I02_finding_aid.pdf white_i02_finding_aid.pdf (129.92 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Wild, Stephen A MS1496.PDF (63.66 KB)
Audio finding aid WILD_S05_finding_aid.pdf wild_s05_finding_aid.pdf (311.64 KB)
Audio finding aid WILLIAMSON_A01_interim_finding_aid.pdf williamson_a01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (144 KB)
Audio finding aid WILLIAMS_C01_finding_aid.pdf williams_c01_finding_aid.pdf (142.34 KB)
Audio finding aid willis_i02_interim_finding_aid.pdf willis_i02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (113.44 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Wilson, Robert H. MS1023.PDF (64.99 KB)
Audio finding aid WILSON_A01_interim_finding_aid.pdf wilson_a01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (165.02 KB)
Audio finding aid WILSON_R02_finding_aid.pdf wilson_r02_finding_aid.pdf (200.75 KB)
Audio finding aid WOOMERA_01_finding_aid.pdf woomera_01_finding_aid.pdf (230.76 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Wordick, Frank [Yindyibarndi 1975-78] MS1531.PDF (56.07 KB)
Manuscript finding aid World Council of Indigenous Peoples [Canberra 1981] MS1649.PDF (109.94 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Worsley, Peter. Papers and field notebooks 1952-53 MS1857.PDF (133.98 KB)
Audio finding aid WURM_S01_finding_aid.pdf wurm_s01_finding_aid.pdf (122.2 KB)
Audio finding aid WURM_S03_finding_aid.pdf wurm_s03_finding_aid.pdf (256.84 KB)
Audio finding aid WURM_S04_interim_finding_aid.pdf wurm_s04_interim_finding_aid.pdf (122.56 KB)
Audio finding aid YALLOP_C03_finding_aid.pdf yallop_c03_finding_aid.pdf (167.07 KB)
Audio finding aid YARRAWARRA-UNE_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf yarrawarra-une_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (130.41 KB)
Audio finding aid YCEC_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf ycec_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (128.61 KB)
Audio finding aid ylc_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf ylc_01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (154.56 KB)
Audio finding aid ylc_02_interim_finding_aid.pdf ylc_02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (128.45 KB)
Audio finding aid YORK_F01_finding_aid york_f01_finding_aid.pdf (150.05 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Young, Elspeth Anne MS4319.htm (53.99 KB)
Audio finding aid YULE_I02_interim_finding_aid.pdf yule_i02_interim_finding_aid.pdf (121.16 KB)
Manuscript finding aid Zandvoort, Frank MS4170.htm (12.38 KB)